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Unique Places to Visit in South Carolina | Travel Guide

South Carolina is a beautiful state surrounded by Georgia. This state in the US has one of the most welcoming destinations with a lot of places to explore. Tourists love it here because this state is a complete package. Rich history, vibrant and chirpy cities, gorgeous beaches, and many fun places await in South Carolina to take your kids to.

From its capital city, Columbia, to Caesars Head State Park, from Myrtle Beach to its plantation garden, the stretch is too long to visit on a single trip, which you can make with Alaska Airlines booking. This is why we are here to help you.

In this post, we have brought together the top 5 unique places that you can explore on this trip. These places are worth every second and every penny you spend.


For the hidden historian in you, South Carolina has Charleston. With the royalty that one can sense even in the air of his city, you have got a lot to visit and explore. Take a walk across the cobblestone streets and head straight to the French Quarter. An epic collection of beautiful art galleries and several historical sites, it might take some time for you to cover it all. Also, don’t miss out on Fort Sumter, which you can take a ferry ride from the city to.


Greenville is the opposite of what you will experience in Charleston. This modern city was born out of its most gorgeous park, Falls Park. Along with that, it has one of the best art museums in the country. Take some time out and see what the artists of South Carolina have to offer at the Greenville County Museum of Art. You can also catch a quick Broadway show at Peace Center Theatre.

Myrtle Beach

If you want to have a day out by the waters, Myrtle Beach is the first place to be at. This fascinating stretch welcomes almost 15 million guests every year to have an experience like nowhere else. You can get glimpses of some of the most mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises right while sipping your favorite drink. In addition to all the beach fun, this place has a lot of tourist attractions. Highlights here include Ripley’s Aquarium, mini-golf courses, and many stalls and restaurants to get a taste of the local cuisine.


To take a time travel to the 16th century, the city of Beaufort is the place. The city is filled with museums and historical sites back from the Civil war era. One of the major sites with hundreds of art and artworks is the Beaufort Museum of History. Also, make sure that you take some hours out to spend some time closer to nature. Kayaking in the Beaufort River and bird spotting in the Cypress Wetlands are the two most beloved tourist activities in the city.

Caesars Head State Park

This state park is known and named after the huge Caesars Head rock formation. This is where you can catch jaw-droppingly gorgeous landscape views. Away from the noise of the city, spend some peaceful time here and admire the wonders of nature.


Along with the above-mentioned attractions, a lot more awaits in South Carolina. So get yourself the cheapest deals on Spirit Airlines reservations and fly to this underrated tourist destination this year!


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