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Unique Ways to Embellish Your House with Decorative LED Lighting

Light can be the best ornament for your rooms, and nothing can be as ornamental and as efficient as a decorative led lighting system. You can choose from a wide variety of products to find a decorative light, which will best complement your living space and taste.

While chandeliers, pendant fixtures and aesthetic LED panels lightings are widely known to the public, there are several other ways hidden from common knowledge.

Let us see some of these ways:-

  1. Led Strip Lights:

Today, LED strip lights are not just used during festivities. They can be concealed in crown moulding on the ceiling to create a beguiling effect where the roof seems to be emitting and reflecting the light. Since LEDs are profoundly bright, the whole room can be illuminated. This technique not only adds to the grandeur of the space but makes it appear larger and vivacious too. These light strips can also be used to contour furniture and make them look more vibrant and elegant. Furthermore, if you want to entice the attention of your guests towards a picture or showpiece in the room, you can flaunt the artwork by surrounding it with this LED light.

  1. Unique Ceiling Lights:

When it comes to ceiling lights, there is no limit to choices. New innovations are made every so often. Ceiling lights are those, which are attached either directly to the ceiling through a mounting fixture or use an extended mounting that suspends from the ceiling. These fixtures and their casings, which cover the light source, are the main attractions. Some unique designs in this category are:-

  • Glass ceiling lights: They are typically hung from a height, and the encasing is made from a reflecting glass that diffuses the light to give off a sophisticated and minimalistic effect. Glass ceiling light can complement almost any kind of interior design and magnificently adds to the overall tone of the space. They are subtle and give a minimalistic appearance but at the same time are bold enough to make a statement. You can find a glass ceiling that is flushed or semi flushed too if you live in a house with low ceilings. Moreover, these glass casings come in vivid colours and intricate designs.
  • Fabric ceiling lights: Fabric light fixtures are pendant type ceiling lights. The casing is made from different types of fabrics in various colours. They can be embellished with intricate designs like flowers and petals or have a plain striped design. Whatever the style, they successfully make a space look relaxed and cosy. Adding them to spaces like bedrooms, dining halls, living rooms, etc., can be a great idea. The only thing you must keep in mind is that the fabric colour can profoundly impact the character of the space.
  1. Crystal Light Fixtures:

Crystal-like fixtures, which are dazzling and appear fragile despite being made from strong materials, can be a beautiful addition to the room. While chandeliers come in this category, we are talking about flush-mounted crystal fixtures. If a glass ceiling light was too subduing for you, a crystal mounted fixture might be what you are looking for. It perfectly refracts the light in various angles to give the signature rainbow-like hue of light and takes lesser space. They are best suited for large to medium-sized rooms. However, these types of decorative lighting can be expensive.

  1. Island Lighting Fixture:

These are fixtures that are specially engineered for kitchens. They focus light on a concentrated area to allow better functioning. However, they are not just for utility. They come in different materials and styles. From mounted type to pendant style, you can choose a category that’s the most viable according to your room size and design. Many western houses are often seen as incomplete without them.

  1. LED lights in Fans:

Fans with light fixtures are the future. Although it may seem outlandish, these kinds of fixtures are gaining popularity. You can even add LED strip lights to the ceiling fans.

The Bottom Line

Decorative LED lighting is truly a marvel of modern technology. Although they seem expensive, they are highly economical. They save energy and money as well as are of low maintenance. They further add to the aesthetic value of your rooms. Choosing them is the wisest decision one can make.

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