Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers vs Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers

This article is all about Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers vs Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers. Through this article, you will get a comparison between two Bluetooth speakers.

Lesson 1: Water Resistant Speaker and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker are not the same thing!

Although the names may sound the same, they offer different protection from water. These differences will be explained below in order to help you decide which portable Bluetooth speaker is best for you, based on your outdoor and indoor listening requirements.


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Lesson 2: What is the Difference Between Bluetooth Speakers?


Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers –

The Ingress Protection (IP), however, is a standard that rates a device’s waterproofing durability.

The waterproof feature on Bluetooth speakers means that you can bring your Bluetooth speaker to the pool party without worrying. However, there are some things you should consider when you want to bring the waterproof Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker to the party .

Water-Resistant Bluetooth speakers:

A waterproof device offers a lower level protection than one that’s waterproof. Water-resistant means that the product is constructed in such a way that water cannot get inside, or it has been coated with a material that reduces the chance of water damage.

However, you should not bring the device in direct contact with water.

Water-Repellant Bluetooth Speakers :

It is possible that the device has thin-film nanotechnology, which will protect it from water contact.

This product offers slightly more protection than water-resistant products, but they are not waterproof or designed to be.


Three Lessons: Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is Right for Me?


The DOSS E-go II, E-go II, and the Traveler are the top-rated waterproof Bluetooth speakers technology. The E-GO range of products and the Traveler are highly durable against water, dust and sand. DOSS speakers have the waterproof Bluetooth speaker that connects to your smartphone with Alexa. This will make it easier for you to enjoy musics.

1. DOSS E-GO is an Alexa-enabled waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The speaker’s mic lets you control it with your voice. The DOSS E-GO, with its compact size and waterproof design is an ideal companion for outdoor music listening.

2. DOSS E-GO II is waterproof and has a longer battery life. It also features excellent sound quality. The dual 6W stereo speakers deliver incredible sound quality with tight mids and a deep bass. DOSS E-go II strives to deliver the highest quality and most accurate representations of your music.

3. The DOSS Traveler can be used to excite any outdoor or indoor environment. The DOSS Traveler is powered by two high-performance 10W drivers and dual passive speakers. It can produce crisp, clear audio at any volume. The DOSS Traveler has a 12-hour battery life, a waterproof shell, shock resistance, and 48-hour emergency flashlight that will keep you going on wild adventures.


How Weatherproof Speakers Work


It’s the theme park. The scent of funnel cake has your mouth running. Many happy people are wandering all around you. As you make your way around and suddenly, you are brushed into the fronds of an enormous fern of the jungle. Drums sound like they’re going to emanate from the distance, while exotic bird species of every kind chatter and squawk out of the trees. You glance up hoping to see the bright color of an macaw however instead, you can notice an unintentional corner on a disguised speaker. In front of you, a second speaker disguised as a rock is able to produce an eerie sound from a swift river.


You laugh at yourself when you figure out the trick and marvel at the effort and time that went into making the setting so engaging. It then dawns on you that this costly electronic gadget is left out all day, every day. What is it that keeps it from cutting out in the rain? In any case, the speaker are exposed to the scorching summer heat as well as the freezing cold winter. What is the reason they work so effectively, despite exposure to elements?


Two fascinating changes in culture have provided us with many more options for listening to music outside. One is the shift in electronic consumer devices towards portable devices, as shown by the rise of well-known gadgets on the market like phones, tablets and MP3 players. Another reason is the increasing popularity of a category for consumers known as outdoor living. Decks, sunrooms and cupolas with patios, gardens, and cabanas by the pool have become an increasingly common feature of living in the home. Audio equipment has also been adapted to satisfy the needs of today’s consumers.


But beneath their weatherproofing speakers aren’t that different from those that you use inside your home. They operate with the same principle. The job of a speaker is to listen to electrical signals and convert them into mechanical energy that produces an air-borne disturbance that we hear.

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