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Ray-Ban glasses have been an ever-trending fashion accessory since the brand’s launch. This iconic brand started its journey by launching the first-ever Ray-Ban sunglasses in the late 1930s. Since then, it has been on the front foot delivering brilliant Ray-Ban sunglasses for women and men both.

Nowadays, you will find everyone from juggernaut artists and fashion influencers to prominent politicians and even your neighbour Mike, wearing the finest piece of shades from this emblematic eyewear brand. However, what is most amazing about Ray-Ban is their global reach to their admirers.

The brand is widespread and popular across the globe for its premium sunglasses. No matter what town you belong to, you will find a wide selection of Ray-Ban sunglasses in every eyewear store you visit. In addition, there are many showrooms for the exclusive range of Ray-Ban sunglasses in South Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the USA, the UK, etc.

Although the brand actively innovates and rolls out a variety of sunglasses models every year, some of them have made a popular list of style-enthusiastic shades wearers. This article brings you the ten most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses you can add to your eyewear collection.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban started its journey with these classic and still in-style sunglasses. Initially, Aviators were designed for the US air force to protect their eyes from glare and gusts. But soon after its launch, these teardrop-shaped shades became popular among every man who seeks style statements. And these are still as famous as they used to be earlier.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Made chart-topper by pop-culture artists and fashion lovers, wayfarers are another popular Ray-Ban sunglasses that have made the wardrobe-essential list. The glasses were launched more than 60 years ago. Since then have been finishing off every outfit, from super casual tees and shorts to dapper suits and formal wear, with equal cunningness.

Ray-Ban Colonel

With a square shape, glistering golden frame, and crystal green lenses, Ray-Ban colonel sunglasses are here to give you an alluring look. Gradient lenses are cut out from premium-quality glass that offers complete protection against blazing glare and blocks out most of the blue light. Yet it offers the clearest and most natural vision possible with remarkable colour contrast and visual clarity.

Ray-Ban Cubmasters

Inspired by iconic wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban cubmasters are bold and fun sunglasses with a fresh design. These Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a diverse range of hues, from pitch black to beaming brown and tantalizing tortoise. Its slightly large frame and rectangular lenses cast a striking and charming appearance when put on with cool casual attire.

Ray-Ban Round Metal

With the reinvention of a classic look with a modern touch, Ray-Ban introduces you to these round metal sunglasses that make you feel like a star. This elegant piece of sheer style imparts an excellent appearance to its wearer. A perfect blend of fashion, comfort, and durability, Ray-Ban round metal shades are another popular must-have wardrobe essential that you should not miss.

Ray-Ban Marshal

Made for fearless leaders, innovators, and taste-makers, these unisex round-framed Ray-Ban sunglasses for men and women strike a dazzling charm to their wearer. The vogue shades come equipped with a glazing golden double bridge style. In addition, the lenses have a protective layer that shields your eyes from the sun’s glare and UVA and UVB rays, offering you care and style.

Ray-Ban Square 1971 Classic

Turn heads around with these 70s recreated square frame style sunglasses by Ray-Ban. A combination of classic and chic, Ray-Ban square sunglasses are slim, golden-frame shades with gradient lenses. Sober metal frames, flat Havana temple tips, and green lenses give these flashy sunglasses an alluring charm that completes and enhances round face shapes.

Ray-Ban Balarama

This sporty pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses strike a style statement with its unisex design features. The glazing sunglasses come with a premium plastic frame that wraps around your eyes. Starting from the top of the frame, the black arms curve a little to perfectly fit your head and turn 180-degree of people around you when you are out wearing these glasses on.

Ray-Ban Erika Colour Mix

Ray-Ban Erika Colour Mix glasses are among the most voguish and popular sunglasses of modern times. The sunglasses feature an elegant style and robust build that gives your look a final embellishment. A variety of colour combinations makes these fine glasses the outfit-completing accessory for any occasion.

Ray-Ban Boyfriend

Ray-Ban boyfriend is a pair of fashionable sunglasses with a bold appeal with rounded lenses with propionate plastic frames. The glasses come in classic colours like black and tort and gradient polarized frames that protect your eyes from extreme sun glare. Embrace the chic Hollywood look with these large framed sunglasses that suit every face shape.

Do Ray Ban Wayfarers look good on everyone?

Well. Ray-Ban Wayfarers look good on most face shapes, but not everyone can pull them off. Due to their contrasting shape, Wayfarers look fantastic on oval, round and oblong face shapes.

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