What exactly is virtual bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is also known as cloud-accounting. This refers to when an accountant or bookkeeper works remotely with a client. Accounting software allows you to share an accounting account with your bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper can access your financial transactions and review your statements to update and reconcile them. They also have the ability to perform important accounting functions such as reconciling your accounts or preparing reports. To ensure that files are transferred and communicated properly, both the accountant and the business must use the same accounting software. Virtual Bookkeeping Service make it conceivable to re-appropriate this critical errand at truly reasonable rates. Truth be told, our exploration demonstrates the way that utilizing a virtual accounting administration can save your business more than 83% contrasted with employing an in-house clerk.

A virtual bookkeeper is cheaper than hiring someone to work on-site. As a contractor, the bookkeeper can work as little or as often as the business requires. Virtually working allows for flexibility in your schedule and the possibility to work remotely.
Remote client work is not easy, but modern technology has made it possible. Here is an example of how I can work remotely with clients. It’s all about the apps. These are the ones I use:

  • QuickBooks Online.
  • Zoom.
  • Smartsheet.
  • Slack.
  • G Suite (Google Docs)

This is how I run my virtual bookkeeping business. These five apps are all I need to manage the needs of my clients.

QuickBooks makes it easy to manage my bookkeeping. Zoom allows me to meet clients virtually over video. Smartsheet makes remote project management possible. Slack can be used for messaging regarding issues that do not need to be solved over video. Finally, Google Docs and G Suite allow me to easily manage files.

What are the five benefits of virtual bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping is a modern method of accounting that can help businesses save money and time. Here are the five major benefits of virtual bookkeeping:

1. Time-saving: Virtual bookkeeping can save businesses time by automating certain financial processes. For example, a company can automatically create invoices and track expenses through a virtual bookkeeping system. This reduces the need for time-consuming tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping.

2. Accuracy: With virtual bookkeeping, businesses have access to accurate information at any time. This means that they can make informed decisions quickly and easily.

3. Increased transparency: Virtual bookkeeping systems allow companies to be more transparent with their finances. This helps to protect their privacy, but also allows them to see where they are spending their money more easily.

4. Reduced costs: By automating certain financial processes, virtual bookkeeping can reduce business costs overall. For example, a company may save on salary costs by using a virtual bookkeeping system instead of an accountant.

5. Improved morale: By reducing the need for time-intensive tasks, virtual bookkeeping can improve morale in a business setting. This can lead to increased productivity and improved customer service.

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How to find a virtual Bookkeeper

Find out which software they use

Start by asking them about their app ecosystem. Which apps are they using to provide their services? In order to provide their services, they need the following structure, which is covered above:

  • Core accounting/general ledger app (QuickBooks Online).
  • Zoom Remote Web Conferencing Ap
  • Smartsheet for project management
  • Communications (Slack.
  • G Suite – File and document management

While some apps may be different than others, there’s a good chance that your virtual bookkeeping service will cover all five bases.

  • Use the same accounting software
  • Is your virtual bookkeeper familiar with your industry?
  • Is your virtual bookkeeper familiar with your industry?
  • Assess your virtual bookkeeper’s online presence
  • Ask your virtual bookkeeper for details about deliverables

Your virtual bookkeeper should help you grow your business economically. This is what you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect virtual bookkeeper to help your small business.

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