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What is Mailchimp Marketing tool for every Small Business?

There is nothing quite as euphoric as marketing your business with the help of the top-most Email marketing software. An abundance of Marketing tools is available to offer effective solutions. Nevertheless, Mailchimp according to our CRM Business is an out-of-the-box tool. Smoothen your email marketing work with this software. Let us inform you about “What is Mailchimp” and the importance of it in every business today. 

What is Mailchimp software?

A Cinch-to-use marketing platform for all companies that allow you to share newsletter or email campaigns to constantly get engaged with the customers. An automated email can be delivered to your customers through this tool. This would be intriguing to curate your email list via the Mailchimp Marketing platform. In short, the top email newsletter service platform is Mailchimp which can drive more revenue and sales. 

  1. Currently, 13 million users are operating this Marketing tool
  2. Approximately 800,000 are paid customers here
  3. The software send more than 10,000 emails every second

We have a Great Example to share:

Everybody knows how critical email marketing is for all-size companies. But we have seen top-level businesses spend a copious amount of time sending welcome emails manually. It’s good to know they get dozens of new leads but sharing welcome emails manually makes this tedious work. We are clear with this: it may kill productivity too. 

The solution is Mailchimp email marketing software. Why so? It helps you in focusing on Bigger picture tasks. All these emails will be delivered via automation. So, it saves your time, money, and effort. You outgrow your company, this platform is no doubt the most under-rated marketing tool for today’s business. 

Looking to Track your Newsletter performance?

Tracking the Campaign performance means you are improving your business. Yes, that’s right because you are getting aware of how you performed. This is absolutely an advanced strategy to make better decisions for the future. It may also be valuable for your company to prepare the next campaign according to that. 

The question is: Can I track all the template performance through this versatile tool of marketing? The tool has overviews and a dashboard that lets you know how many emails are delivered, bounce rate, open rate, who responds, and much more. It’s awesome to get complete insights from the Revenue report. 

You can also reckon the statistics of automation emails too. This is also indispensable for the businesses to check the performance of that. That would be quite simple for you now to make well-informed decisions. 

Streamline your work by Integrating this Tool

Let’s face it: Daily, you operate a few crucial platforms including Mailchimp on different-different tabs. This takes time to update all this simultaneously. If you keep on spending huge time here then who’s gonna handle other most-compelling work of leads? That is why you must sync the main applications with Mailchimp software. 

With how many Apps does this tool sync easily? Research says the tool can sync with more than 300 apps and web services for a business. Mailchimp can integrate with next-level customer service platforms like Live Chat, Acela, etc. E-commerce platforms such as Drupal Commerce, Magento, and more can integrate with this tool. Ultimately, many businesses are loaded with magnificent marketing tools such as Option Monster and Bounce. Sync all these platforms with the Mailchimp email marketing tool too. 

Better to Divide your Mailing list here

A hidden functionality we have to unlock here. We guarantee that you would love to know about this feature too. This email marketing software lets you divide the lists of your group to share your campaign or newsletter. 

The advantage is you can share your campaign with the group who are responding to you. As you have curated a separate group now who are not responding to your business information campaign/newsletter. As per your need, deliver your re-engagement campaign/newsletter to the audience who are not responding. 

Important! Mailchimp Pricing plans 

After completing the concept “What is Mailchimp” and its importance for your business, let’s check the complete list of pricing plans below.

  • Free Plan: $0
  • Essentials: $9.99/ per month
  • Standard: $14.99/ per month
  • Premium: $299.00/ per month

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