What is Web3 and How it Will Impact the Tourism Industry

Isn’t it amazing how much technology has changed over the decades? With the advent of the World Wide Web or WWW, we have come a long way to using the fastest internet network 5G or even testing something as unique as metaverse. 

The best part about these latest technological advancements is that these are working towards giving tourism a boast. Most of these such as the use of travel apps, blockchain technology, AI, and AR have enhanced the user experience of travelers making their journey hassle-free. 

And now, there is a new entrant called ‘Web3’, this is believed to further enhance internet usage and make lives of this tech-savvy generation easier. 

What exactly is Web3?

Web3 is nothing but the third generation of the World Wide Web and is popularly known as Web 3.0. It’s basically an idea for a new iteration that incorporates various concepts like blockchain technologies, token-based economics, and decentralization. 

Know all about Web3 here:

  • Web3 has an open-source software that has the advantage of easy accessibility hence it is open. 
  • The networks for Web3 do not require permissions, which means providers and even users do not need any permissions from the centralized controlling organizations. 
  • It also offers freedom to the users for interacting both privately and in public without any of the intermediaries in a very trustless environment. 
  • Web3 will also offer ubiquity that might ensure availability of the internet no matter what time, location or device. For instance, IoT technology might help access internet services via numerous intelligent devices other than just voice assistants. 

Impact of Web3 on the Travel Industry

As technology is improving, it is making lives easier. There has been a significant amount of changes in the tourism sector too. And yes, most of them have helped the industry thrive and grow significantly. Hasn’t the use of travel apps made booking our itineraries or accommodation easier? Yes, it sure has. When Metaverse was announced some time back, people were excited about how it would influence their travel. And if things go as planned, Metaverse Tourism can be the next big thing and might help the travelers get an experience of the place they are planning to visit before even booking tickets. 

According to Jerome Touze, who is the founder of a travel social networking site called; Web3 might be like a revolution in some way, like how we access the internet on our mobile phones. He further talks about a new concept that combines global positioning technologies via location-based networking. He says that could be one of the biggest developments for the tourism industry. 

Apart from this, payment during a trip will also improve. Although online transactions and card payments have made life easier while traveling, the advent of blockchain technology would help travelers make secure transactions for their flight tickets, hotel stays, restaurant bills etc. This will help reduce the online fraudulent transactions making it safer for the tourists to pay. 

Web3 and travel sound perfect together and shall only make trips more fun and hassle-free. Let’s wait for the next developments to see technology revolutionizing the tourism sector. 

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