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What Should A Good Electrician Be Like

Normally an electrician is a person who works with electrical items and equipment’s and helps in the transmission of electric current through the lines. He is basically a tradesperson who specializes in electrical wirings in buildings, industries, commercial establishments working on the transmission lines, stationary machines and other equipment’s that work with the help of electricity. He will also design, install and maintain the electrical system of an establishment.

In some countries, if you are a licensed electrician then you can conduct your trade without any higher authority’s supervision. But as an electrician, you must hold the license of the state that you are practicing in.

The Tasks That An Electrician Is Expected To Perform

When you hire an electrician to perform an electrical task at your residence or factory, then you can expect him to perform the following tasks:

  • Check out the blueprints, diagrams of the building’s wiring system, all specifications, etc.
  • He should be able to measure and layout installations at all the points of reference
  • Should be conversant in selecting, connecting, cutting wires to terminal points and connectors
  • Must be able to use electrical and electronic test kits and instruments to find out the faults
  • Replacing and repairing all faulty lines and defective parts and wires
  • Must have knowledge of the placement of electrical switchboards
  • Connecting all the electrical systems to the main power supply
  • Testing the circuit
  • Installation, testing and adjustments of all electrical and mechanical parts of lifts

The Qualifications Needed By Your Electrician

When you hire an electrician, you want the best so that you get the best job done at your place. But how will you figure out whether your electrician is the best or not? You must check out the following before you hire:

  • Educational Qualifications Or Formal Training – To be an electrician, all you need is a high school diploma. But the best electrician is he who acquires his skills from doing the job on the field. But this can be achieved with an apprenticeship programme that may take about 4-5 years of your career. You have to hold on to your patience there. But again there is a catch here. You must also pass an aptitude test.
  • Experience– It is of utmost importance for an electrician. With experience, you gain a better knowledge than what you would have with formal training. Nothing can beat experience because he possesses first hand knowledge of electrical jobs with his experience. So he who has experience is counted in as a good electrician.

The Skills That A Good Electrician Must Have

You know that your electrician is good when he has the following skills:

  • He should meet the standards recognized for repairs and installation work
  • Should have clear concepts of scientific principles and mathematical calculations so that he can apply them in conducting the basic jobs
  • His comprehensive skills should be good so that he can understand the blueprints and diagrams, etc.
  • Should have good coordination between the hands and eyes and a sharp eyesight to identify the issue
  • Should not be dependent on anybody for his daily work and should be able to work on his own. But he should be able to contribute to teamwork and his decisions should have a positive effect on the whole team
  • Must have proper time management skills that will enable him to shorten lead time
  • Should take safety and precautionary measures to the maximum
  • Should have good bodily abilities and must have patience in solving critical problems
  • Most importantly must possess customer relationship skills


As an electrician, you have strong job prospects because you are one person who is required by one and all in their everyday lives. Hiring a professional electrician is of utmost importance as they offer you the best possible services with a professional attitude. There are some things which are to be considered before hiring them and if one follows these tips then you may not face any problems.

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