What to do if my Google Voice number is not working?

Google Voice is a feature that gives you a separate phone number for calls, texts, and voicemails. The best thing about this is that you can use this number if you want to make domestic calls and even international calls from your web browser as well as mobile devices. This guide will help you understand the feature and will answer questions like what is my Google voice number. Read the guide properly. Your doubts will be cleared.

Some other features are:

  • Reading voicemail transcripts in the inbox and searching for them like usual emails
  • Personalizing voicemail greetings
  • Making many international calls at low rates.
  • Getting protection from spam calls and messages
  • Block any unwanted callers.
  • Screening calls before answering them
  • Google Voice saves and processes your calls, texts, and voicemail information.

How do you sign up?

  • Download the Google Voice app.
  • Then open the Voice app.
  • Sign in to your Google account. Enter the correct credentials.
  • Then read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy properly.
  • Click to continue
  • Then click on Search to pick your Google Voice number.
  • You can then search for any city or area code.
  • If the numbers aren’t available, then you can try a nearby city or area code.
  • Tap Select next to the desired number.

Then after following the instructions, your process will be completed.

Common Troubleshooting Tips to fix Google Voice Call issues instantly!

If you have trouble with calls or accessing Google Voice, try these steps to fix your particular issue.

The account isn’t ready.

Suppose you see the message, “Your account isn’t ready for Google Voice yet,” then you should contact your Voice administrator. Now, your administrator needs to assign you a voice license and set up your account.

Can’t access Google Voice

Firstly, verify that your administrator has turned on Voice for your account and assigned you a voice license. Then check your internet connection and verify that you can access other Google Workspace services. And also, make sure you’re using a supported browser:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox (Windows and Mac)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

I can’t make a phone call.

You should make sure the phone number is properly formatted. And also, if you copied and pasted the phone number, try typing the number you want to call. Keep in mind that if you’re making an international call, you must enter the correct country code. You can also enter the country code twice, so check that. Also, if you’re not using a Google Voice for Google Workspace account, check if you have enough. It is possible that voice calls might not be available in the country or the region you’re visiting.

I can’t get a phone call

On your computer

Make sure is open in your browser. Also, keep in mind that your computer is set up to answer incoming calls. Try reloading your browser.

On your mobile device,

Make sure your mobile device is made to answer every incoming call.

I can’t hear the ringing for incoming calls.

If you don’t use Voice regularly while it’s open, you might not hear the ringing for incoming calls. To solve this issue, interact with the Voice. Click through the voice interface for 10

The guide above explained what the voice feature on Google is and how do you set it up. But it is normal for you to have questions like how to change Google voice number. You can simply fix the issues manually by following the steps.

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