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What To Do When Your Toilet Pipe Is Blocked?

Solving a number of problems in life is a normal thing for everyone. However, some of the issues can take place at any time of the day without any prior notice. A blocked toilet is one of those issues which can ruin your day quite easily. Sometimes, plumbers are not available in the market due to many reasons. Without using the toilet, you cannot even start your day. Here are a few effective and useful tricks for you that will help you to get  rid of the blocked toilet problems easily.

Living with a clogged toilet can also cause serious diseases. I It is un-hygienic as well. Therefore, the below-mentioned points will be able to help anyone to live a healthy life. Apart from this, you will also get an idea to keep the drainage system always working with the help of this information..

Few effective tips to unclog a blocked toilet

1. Clean with a hand-made brush

According to the shape of your toilet, you need to design your own toilet brush. This will help you a lot to clean the toilet blockages with ease. With the help of this kind of brush, you do not have to put your hands into the toilet pipes.

2. Use the snake tool

The most common tool of a plumber is the snake which is made to clean the smaller blockages of the toilet pipes. The design of this tool helps anyone to clean the toilet on a daily basis. Thus, you do not have to face any blocked toilet issues anymore.

3. Prepare a mixture of vinegar and soda

You need to take a bottle to prepare a toilet cleaner which is going to work like magic for sure. You need to pour at least 4 cups of vinegar into the bottle. After that, add 2 tablespoons of soda to it. This mixture will help you to melt the blocked dirt of bathroom pipes as well as the floor.

4. Use boiling water if needed

 Sometimes hot water can also help you to soften the blockage of your toilet. You need to pour a good amount of hot water into your toilet to clean it properly. You will be able to remove the blockages for sure this time.

5. Try with chemicals

There are a number of toilet cleaning liquids available in the market nowadays. Use any of them at least once a week to stay away from blocked toilet issues. These chemicals will avoid any further blockages quite easily.

6. Use a plunger

This is also an effective and useful tool that is usually seen in a plumbers’ bag. Before starting any work  in the toilet pipes, they use this tool to clean each and every corner of the toilet with ease. Plumbers are better skilled to clean the blockages for sure.

7. Call a plumber

It is important to have access to your local plumber. It will help you solve any major issues regarding blocked toilets quite easily. A certified plumber has better knowledge than you to unclog the bathroom pipes. Without wasting any longer, you should call a plumber at an early stage to avoid any massive expense.

These simple and easy DIY tips for cleaning your blocked toilet will help to solve the common issue with the help of homemade things. Also, these tips can save you time and money at the same time. Now you can help your family members and friends deal with the same problem in an accurate way. Before calling a plumber, you should try these tips to solve the issue quite easily.

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