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What to Expect after Giving a Kidney to Someone?

How much time does it take to recover to normal life after donating a kidney?

If you are worried about the side effects of kidney donation and wondering how your life will be affected after it, you should first start learning about the recovery period after kidney donation.

Before going to the questions of risks of kidney donation, you should know that there is a minimal stay of 1 to 4 nights after kidney donation at the hospital. Although the period of this stay depends upon the individual’s capacity to recover and the method used to kidney donate, the average period of stay at the hospital remains the same.

It is very wise to ask your kidney transplant team about your recovery rate and the average period for your own recovery time because donors are always evaluated before the procedure by the practitioners for things ranging from risks of kidney donation to the recovery period.

The most general side effects of donating a kidney felt just after leaving the hospital are:

  • Feeling the urge to scratch
  • Soreness
  • Sensitivity to pain in the area of the incision

Although these symptoms can be counted as the kidney transplant side effects for donor, they cannot be included in the risks of kidney donation because it is very common and harmless to feel these things after going through a traditional method used for kidney donate.

What to know about the risks of giving a kidney as donating

Do people have to take some precautions to reduce the risk of giving a kidney?

Even though the living donors of kidneys live normal efficient lives after kidney donation, it is important for them to take necessary precautions for certain things to reduce the risk of inducing the side effects of kidney donation. People must be protective of their kidneys to not let any injury harm them. For some people, doctors even suggest completely avoiding contact sports such as soccer, rugby, boxing, etc. It is also advised to them by doctors to usually wear extra protective layers of clothing to protect their kidneys from harm. Basically, any injury that can harm your kidney puts you into a life-threatening situation as after kidney donation you have left with no backup.

Can kidney donation shorten the life span?

There is no evidence to date to support the possibility of developing such side effects that can reduce the span of your life after donating a kidney. Even without developing any side effects, there is no direct effect on your aging body by kidney donation. There surely are short-term kidney transplant side effects for donor for which they should take good consultation from expert doctors. There is some research in progress about the link of hypertension and the side effects of donating a kidney but to completely say that kidney donation causes high blood pressure would be a fallacy.


Kidney donation can bring life-altering changes for some people.  Life after donating a kidney can be filled with kidney transplant side effects for the donor. However, these situations only arise when there are no proper evaluations of the donor for the eligibility for kidney donation. People must be aware that the risk of giving a kidney depends on each individual’s capacity and rate of recovery after kidney donation. So, a good health care team is necessary to find the donor with the lowest possibility of developing any donating kidney risk.

At Alfa Kidney Care center, you will be always well evaluated to exactly measure the extent of your kidney donation risks before your kidney donation. You will always get the best information about the risks of giving a kidney to someone.

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