Who Are The Top Rice Suppliers In India

Best Rice Suppliers In India

Rice is a staple food for people all around the world. It’s distinguished by its extra-long grains and intriguing scent. It has a slew of health advantages that can’t be overlooked. It has a particular flavour to it. This rice’s most enticing attribute is its aroma. Rice has a post-cooking elongation property. Rice comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. India is rapidly approaching its aim of being the greatest rice grower in the world. This organisation brings top rice suppliers in India from all around the world together. Clients in India have the option of selecting from a list of rice exporters and suppliers. A couple of Indian rice exporters are thriving on their own. 

Tips For Buying Rice In Bulk From Indian Rice Suppliers And Manufacturers

  1. DEEP ANALYSIS OF RICE IMPORT LAWS- If you intend to buy rice in quantity and import it into a country, take the time to learn about the rules governing rice importation in that country. Some governments prohibit the importation of specific rice brands. Others even impose a quota on rice imports.
  2. SELECTING THE PREFERENCE OF YOUR RICE TYPE- Rice comes in a variety of types that meet a variety markets. Take your time to research your industry and figure out which sort of rice offers the best return on investment. Rice samples are critical for checking your rice supplier’s claims. Make sure to purchase one or two bags of rice to ensure that the rice meets the requirements of your business.
  3. FINDING TOP RICE SUPPLIERS- People nowadays just use established and reputable channels to meet with rice suppliers from all over the world and make purchases with the least amount of strain on their resources as feasible. Take your time researching rice providers if you’re new to buying rice in bulk.



  • ROHIT EXPORTS- ROHIT EXPORTS was established in the year 2018 in Pune, Maharashtra. They’re a well-known international distributor and seller of premium Basmati, Long Grain, and Medium Grain rice.
  • AMAR SINGH CHAWAL WALA- Amar Singh Chawal Wala is an Indian rice grower noted for producing high-quality basmati rice. The company sells only the best and purest basmati rice.
  • AARUSH AGRO INDUSTRIES- This company sells Indian Basmati Rice, Raw Basmati Rice, Parboiled Basmati Rice, Long Grain Basmati Rice, and pesticide-free Basmati Rice.
  • LRD FOODS PVT. LTD.- LRD Foods Pvt. Ltd. specialises in providing high-quality basmati rice to a diverse customer base. 
  • HARI SHELLAC INDUSTRY- Hari Shellac sells white and parboiled rice to a big domestic and international market. 
  • HARYANA RICE MILLS- Haryana Rice Mill is a rice mill in Haryana, India. It’s a mill that can cater to a wide range of rice requirements. Their primary goal has always been to increase the quality and consistency of their work.

    A fantastic source to acquire high-quality, fresh Raw Rice, Raw Broken Rice, Parboiled Rice, R 64 Raw Rice, and other rice products is Rakshaakali Mata Agro Products company.

  • RIDDHI SIDDHI AGRO TRADING- Riddhi Siddhi Agro Trading Company is a significant white and steam rice supplier. The firm has established itself as one of India’s leading rice growers.
  • SHRI LAL MAHAL GROUP- Since its humble origins as a small firm in 1907, it has developed into a large Indian multinational conglomerate with an ever-increasing annual turnover.
  • VEER OVERSEAS LTD.- In the Indian basmati rice market, Veer Overseas Ltd. is a well-known brand.
  • GAUTAM GENERAL TRADING- The Gautam Group aspires to be one of the world’s foremost exporters of Basmati rice. 
  • TAKSH GLOBAL ENTERPRISE- Taksh Global Enterprise is a leading international rice exporter with considerable experience in the food business. Their main concerns are customer happiness and product quality.
  • N23 INTERNATIONAL- Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, N23 International is a well-known rice-supply company. 
  • GALORE IMPEX- Galore Impex has built a reputation for high-quality products, on-time delivery, clear communication, and a professional demeanour.
  • MAHAVIR RICE & GEN MILLS- MRM specialises in the manufacture of Basmati rice and exports to a vast number of nations.

AASHIRVAD INTERNATIONAL- It is a rice exporting corporation with world-class rice processing facilities. On its way to becoming a worldwide food powerhouse, it has achieved countless milestones.

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