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Why Chicago Is Popular For International Students?

Many universities and institutions are located in the United States, a country of unlimited opportunity. It is one of the most demanded places to study abroad since it offers a good level of living and education as well as Essay Writing Service in chicago for international students.

The third-largest city in the United States has a lot to offer, from its historical significance to the numerous arts, food, and entertainment options one can find there. Worldwide, the city receives millions of visitors each year.

Beyond the tourism sector, Chicago also provides particular advantages for students looking to complete their degrees and find employment. Only four American cities even reached the global list of “Cities of Opportunity”

If you’re serious about your education and the future you want for yourself, read on to learn about why Chicago is popular for international students to study?

1.     Build your professional network

Read all the books you want, but sometimes it’s just as important to know who you know as it is to know things. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to connect because Chicago has more than 3.7 million residents. (, 2019)

2. Number of opportunities for fieldwork and clinical experience

You’ll be happy you choose Chicago when it comes time to finish your mandatory fieldwork or clinical experience. You have a wide variety of alternatives to obtain the practical experience you’ll need to accomplish your degree when you study in a city this size and diversity.

Universities support and manage all facets of student practicum and internship training, assisting students in settling in and getting started quickly. Essay Help in San Diego can help you with the steps of looking for a dissertations and thesis.

3. Food

Chicago’s cuisine is extremely diverse, adding to the city’s high level of cultural variety. One can never get enough of the city of Chicago’s many well-known and yet distinctive foods, including the Chicago-style hot dog, deep-dish pizza, butter-crust pizza, Polish sausage, Italian beef, Puerto Rican jibarito, as well as the city’s famous rainbow ice cream, caramel popcorn, cinnamon roll, cheesecake, and brownies.

Chicago has a variety of international eateries, particularly in regional avenues: Chinatown (Asian cuisine), Argyle Street (Vietnamese cuisine), and Devon (American cuisine), for local and foreign students who would like to try new recipes or get a flavour of home (Indian cuisine).

4.  Attraction

City attractions are the best places to go to acclimate to the new city and way of life or simply to hang out with your new university buddies. For everybody who loves art and culture, Chicago is their dream.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Smart Museum of Art, and Field Museum are just a few of the numerous art galleries and museums that can be found all around the city.

Additionally, the Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium are excellent choices for those who enjoy learning about astronomy and marine life, respectively.

Millennium Park, another well-known tourist destination, is also situated in downtown Chicago. Nature enthusiasts have many excellent options, including Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, Buckingham Fountain, Lurie Garden, and Lincoln Park.

The Cloud Gate, Willis Tower Sky Deck, 360 Chicago, and The Rookery Building, are just a few examples of the many outdoor concerts, sculptures, and buildings available for those who enjoy modern music, art, architecture, and engineering.

5. Transportation

Most Chicagoans would rather not own a car because the city offers the second-largest public transportation infrastructure in the US. The city’s many transit options, including its bike-sharing programme, buses, and train lines, can be advantageous for students as well.

Furthermore, while being a contemporary metropolis, Chicago’s “Pedway” or pedestrian walkway system allows for easy access to most destinations. The best part is that it’s not at all difficult to get lost in the city thanks to one of the most straightforward street numbering systems in the world!

O’Hare International Airport, the second busiest airport in the world, is also in Chicago. This is wonderful news for local and foreign students who want to use regional/national flights to travel more of the US or use international flights to travel home during the semester break.

6. Entertainment

The city of Chicago is a destination for luxury eating, entertainment, and the arts, so when you get some downtime from reading, it’s wonderful to have options.

Beyond the fabled Chicago dog (hold the ketchup!) and deep dish pizza, there are literally hundreds of incredible restaurants to choose from. Live music is also performed somewhere in the city almost every night, and you can see a play or browse the newest exhibits at a museum or art gallery any day of the week. Fortunately, you may limit your selections for entertainment on a number of other websites.

The Cons of Studying in Chicago

7. Crime rate

One of the primary causes of Chicago’s frequent news headline appearances is this aspect. Although the crime rate rises in 2016, 2019 marked the second year in a row that it drop by 10%ntS .

The city government’s decision to investigate this problem’s primary causes further is good news. In order to ensure the safety of the students, Chicago’s universities have also introduced safety measures, anti-violence training, and nighttime security.( Ramia. 2021)

8. Weather

Chicago is lucky to experience all four seasons. This is certainly one of the city’s most beautiful features, however due to its location and the presence of Lake Michigan, occasionally the effects of climate change can be a little too dramatic. Winters are snowy and frigid, while springs are moist and cool, summers are humid and hot (40 degrees Celsius), and autumns are breezy and cold (-30 degree Celsius).

Chicago is also known as the “windy city,” so people should constantly be ready for unexpectedly chilly gusts and wet lake breezes.

9.      Tax

No one can ignore the very high tax rates; they range from 0.25 percent for restaurants to 2.25 percent for groceries, even though Chicago is renowned as one of the most affordable cities in the US to live in (particularly for student housing).

Every area in Chicago has a unique identity. Each has distinct cultures, languages, and linguistic imprints.


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