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Why do you want to learn Big Data Hadoop?


Hadoop is an open-source framework from Apache. Also, it is being used to store, process and analyze data that are very huge in volume. Hadoop is written in Java. It is used by Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and many more. Moreover, the data that is very large in size is known as Big Data. Therefore, these are the two most familiar terms we are using alot . The course Big Data Hadoop Online Training has helped the aspirants who want to make a career in this field.

In this article, you will be getting some basic things about Hadoop and Big Data, let’s have a  look:

Hadoop consists of four main modules:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – It runs on standard or low-end hardware. HDFS provides better data than traditional file systems. Furthermore, in addition, it provides high fault tolerance and native support of large datasets.
  • Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN) – It manages and monitors cluster nodes and resource usage.
  • Reduce Map – It is a programming model designed for processing large volumes of data in parallel form by dividing the work.
  • Hadoop Common – It provides common Java libraries.

What is Big Data?

Although, Big data is simply data that is larger, more complex, especially from new data sources. Hence, these data are coming from different sources in the organizations. These data sets are very large in volume that we can’t use the traditional format to analyse them easily. Big data analysis has difficulty in different ways such as capturing data, data storage, data analysis, visualization, querying, updating, etc.

Benefits of Big Data:

In fact, the importance of the application falls in the way we use the data for analysis, storing, processing, etc. It is important because for organizations the statistical analysis of the data is being simpler. The organization’s workflow has been easy now on the daily basis. Here, we will make you aware of some major benefits of big data are:

1.  Save Cost: There are some tools that big data have in it like Apache Hadoop, Spark, etc. that help organizations in identifying more effective ways of doing business.

2. Time-Saving: Tools like Hadoop help organizations to analyse the data in the fastest time. As there is a lot of data we obtain from various sources in the organization.

3. Market conditions: Big Data analysis helps organizations to get aware of the statistical data in a better way with the help of market trends, need and requirements.

4. Customer Acquisition and Retention

Hence, Big data analytics helps in identifying customer behaviour. If we have a proper analysis of customer behaviour helps in getting profit for the business. As it is important to make your customers happy and satisfied because a business can achieve its success only with a good customer base.

5. Product Development and Innovative Ideas: This application helps the organization to make an innovative and new variety of products. As the customer demand is ever-changing and enhancing so big data helps in analysing it at the proper time.

Difference between Big Data and Hadoop:

The major comparison done between Big Data and Hadoop are:

  • Furthermore, Big Data is a collection large volume of data that is in structured and unstructured data. On the other hand, Hadoop is a tool that helps in storing and processing the data in a simpler form for the organization.
  • Big Data is useless until it is not processed and sorted out. While Hadoop helps in giving meaning to the large data through processing.
  • Big Data is incapable of storing the data. As Hadoop stores the large data easily.
  • Big Data is unable to access the data until it is not stored. It is not open-source. Therefore, Hadoop is capable of accessing the data easily because it is open-source.


Every industry uses software for different reasons. Whether the things are going more into the technology world, the usage of software’s is increasing. The learning of the Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Delhi has helped people in getting jobs in top companies. We can see here above in the article that Hadoop and Big Data has different importance and needs for the organization. The people in this domain acquires a good amount of salary.

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