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Why Is Core Strength Important? Here Are 7 Reasons

Most people believe that core-strength is applicable for body builders only. However, it is just a myth because core strength is important for all. Core muscles are used in each movement. They link-up our upper and lower body muscles. Strong core muscles improve quality of life, and make day-to-day activities easier.  Now we used to lead a sedentary lifestyle because of our job. Sitting too much deteriorates our body posture. Thus core muscle strengthening exercise helps you to maintain perfect body posture and reduce the negative after effect of prolonged sitting. Apart from that there are a lot of benefits of having strong core strength.

In this blog we are going to talk about a few of them. To know more read this article thoroughly.

Seven reasons to have core strength

Core strength makes you less prone to muscle injury

A leading physiotherapist and pilates instructor Martha Purdy said that developing a strong torso means building both Core strength and core stability. Now you may ask what is Core strength and Core stability.

Core stability means having strong deep internal muscle close to your spine, and Core strength refers to having abs.

It is crucial to gain core stability before building a core strength. Thus, you need to work on deeper muscles first. Purdy said that if you have a strong core, everything else will fit into the place on top of it. The basic thing is that working on overall fitness makes you less susceptible to injury.

Even though it is easy to assume that when we move, our extremities do the crucial job. Core-strength works like a rock-solid centre which ensures that your movements are strong and painless.

A simple but effective exercise for core stability and strengthening is to draw in the abdominal muscles, keep it for five breaths, then relax. Repeat this procedure 10 times a day preferably in an empty stomach.

Women can perform Kegel exercises. Draw in the pelvic floor to strengthen the lower portion of your core. It also gives you a bonus benefit of better bladder control.

Protects your inner organs and Central nervous system

Having core muscle strength means you are a physically healthy person. Core strength not only works on the major organs but also regulates your vein and arteries as well. Having strong core muscles will help you to protect your veins and arteries while moving. Our spinal cord is everything, and it must be supported by the strong core muscles.  But if you have a weak core, your movements are going to put pressure on the spinal cord, and eventually cause pain which deteriorates the quality of life.

Strengthen your core to reduce back pain

Back pain is a very common side effect of having a weak core. When you have weak abdominals, you may suffer from chronic back pain. Building core strength will support you to make balance between the front and back part of your body.  Sedentary lifestyle is also responsible for our back pain which leads to compressed discs in your spinal cord.

Sitting long hours on a chair with tilted pelvis and arched back promotes chronic back pain. To avoid this severe condition, experts suggest to sit on the stability ball instead of a traditional chair as the sense of instability and wrong movement put pressure on your lower abdomen and pelvic region.

Having a strong and confident posture

If you have strong core strength you will get a strong posture automatically. A strong posture means you feel confident enough. A tall, upright posture shows your core strength. It gives a passive impression that the person has strong control over his emotions. On the other hand, a slumped posture makes a person weak and defeated. Thus, you must follow correct posture in every movement ranging from sitting on the desk to moving through the car.

You will feel better

Core strength not only makes you strong, you will feel mentally and physically positive as well. It is because our body and mind have a strong relationship. Healthy body means a healthy mind. You gradually develop strong focus and engage your mind effectively into your job. Exercise such as “Plank, bridge, and other abdominal moves are the best approach to initiate your journey as well.

Strong core muscle makes it easier to do physical activities

Strong core muscles increase the endurance level of your body. Thus, you can easily perform high intensity physical activities at the gym. Strong core muscle is very important for sports persons, as weak core muscle generates quick fatigue and less resistance to injury.

Core strength allows you to achieve your defined fitness objective

Aerobic exercise is the basics of a common fitness program.  But your coach may suggest you to increase your core endurance before jumping into the basic fitness program. Thus, as a beginner you must do a core strengthening workout before even initiating the first step of your aerobic exercise.
Grip strengthening exercise is important to develop core strength. To improve your core strength, your trainer will give you Grip strength equipment, and show you how to use it.

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