Why Should Your Next Conference Be A Virtual Conference?

It’s 2022 and though concerns around the pandemic still exist, life has started returning to normalcy for the most part. Matches are being played, smaller events are coming back, and people have started returning to work. It’s about time conferences returned too. But we think going virtual is the right way. Last year, 59% of businesses decided to invest in virtual event technology for their events in 2022. In fact, 92% of businesses wanted to continue organizing virtual events even after in-person events were considered to be safe. This goes to show that powerful virtual conference platforms have paved the way for a new way to conduct large-scale events and conferences. Virtual conferences are in and have been popular for the majority of the last two years. 

Pandemic or not, we think your next conference should be a virtual one. If you’re not convinced, read on. 

Better Attendance

The biggest advantage that virtual conferences offer is the wide reach. Anyone can attend it from any corner of the world. What’s more, they can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device. So, the attendance is higher and more inclusive and you don’t need to spend outrageous amounts of money to fly in attendees or participants. 

Time And Money 

It might seem like an obvious benefit but this upside to virtual events cannot be understated. Companies have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching over to virtual and even hybrid models of event planning. 

Imagine this: you needn’t pay through your nose for a good venue, banners, catering, flight tickets, accommodation, and so on. Instead, you can reach someone who is thousands of miles away, from the comfort of your personal office. All that you need is a simple model for creating more engaging and profitable virtual conference sessions.

Expansion Of Content Library 

Today, when every company understands the power of good content and content marketing, you can end up creating a massive library of content just through your virtual conferences. All your events online can be recorded and uploaded to your website and made available to visitors. 

Every speaker at your conference is worth a lot to operators within your industry. Any information that comes from these speakers will empower you to educate your audience while helping them forge a connection with your brand. 

Better Quality Of Leads 

Virtual conferences are such that anybody can sign up for them. Moreover, virtual event platforms like Virtex provide enough data for you to identify who’s a hot lead and who’s a cold one and to convert them into a hot lead. 

Real-time analytics can also help marketers change strategy during the event, bring in gamification when necessary, and engage with those who are more active. 

All this enables businesses to filter out unqualified leads and retain the ones who are most crucial at that point in time. 


Networking Opportunities 

There’s something about communicating through a screen, especially when it’s a large conference. Your attendees can ask questions, respond to surveys and polls, and interact with each other or the speaker comfortably. It becomes easier to network with like-minded people online. 

Environmental Footprint 

Just think about this: an average person who attends a conference produces 170 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions every day. 

Businesses are increasingly becoming more sensitive to their carbon footprint. Accountability too is on the rise and customers are making decisions based on a company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact. 

There is no better way for you to reach your audience, share your brand story, engage with your attendees, and forge a long-term relationship while keeping your carbon footprint in check.  

Full-fledged Analytics 

We live in the age of data. And good virtual conference platforms empower you with all the data that you need to drive your next big move. Let’s say you want to host a conference and you decide to go virtual. Your virtual conference platform can give you insights into who has responded to your invite, where they are located, and so on. That’s a lot of relevant information for you to plan your pre-event promotional campaign. 

Even during the event, your analytics dashboard will show what segments clicked, what sponsors are garnering the most engagement, who’s being responsive on all the polls, Q&As, and games. Each of these data points can help you navigate the event in a more thoughtful manner. 

In other words, these data points are helpful in putting an event that is interesting, insightful, and engaging for the attendees, while helping your sponsors gain a few leads. 

Needless to say, the analytics related to your event can help you design a marketing campaign for different groups of attendees and customize your messaging depending on their level of engagement and interest during the event. 

If you have never hosted a virtual conference before, you needn’t worry because there are several platforms who provide you with a customized game plan and help you with its execution as well. All you need to do is reach out! 

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