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Winter Skincare tips, According To a Dermatologist

Our skin never stops defending our bodies, but it works extra hard to maintain suppleness and moisture retention in the winter months. In this post, we’ll talk about why it’s so essential to take extra care of our winter skincare, go over some of the most frequent problems that may arise for skin in cold and dry weather, and offer recommendations on keeping your skin healthy all season.

Winter Skincare according to the best dermatologist in Dubai

Winter skincare becomes more critical when the temperature drops. Prolonged exposure to cold air causes dry, flaky skin and might cause additional problems. These skin issues can become uncomfortable or unpleasant without using extra moisturizers and sufficient protection from the environment and negatively impact your look. Contact With Dermatologist.

Tips to Keep Your Skincare Happy During the Winter

Though you have no control over the colder weather or the length of time you are subjected to it, you can ensure you are preparing and protecting your skin while it is here. Use these helpful self-care recommendations as a reference.

Put On Appropriate Clothes

Wear jackets, gloves, scarves, earmuffs, and other gear to protect your skin from the elements if you know you’ll be heading outside. While it may not be feasible to cover every inch, you can surely cover as much as possible. Additionally, consider textiles that aren’t scratchy or irritating to the skin.

Always have lip balm on hand.

Although it may appear apparent, a lip balm stick is a low-cost item that may give protection and relief nearly immediately. Sugar scrubs and lip exfoliator sticks can also help remove flaky, dry skin on the lips and lip masks that can be used before sleeping for nighttime hydration.

Consider Brief, Lukewarm. Baths and Showers

Though it’s tempting to have a hot bath, especially after coming in from the cold, it’s far healthier for your skin to reduce the temperature to avoid irritation. It would help if you also restricted your time in the water to prevent more dryness.

Make use of gentle soaps and shower gels.

When washing, use fragrance-free products and soft on the skin rather than ones that include harsher substances or scrapes. It’s also an excellent decision to use a moisturizing element built-in.

Using a cream, moisturize after cleaning.

After bathing, pat the skin dry and instantly apply a heavy cream or oil-based moisturizer. These will be more effective than lotions in sealing in moisture and keeping your skin as smooth as possible. Furthermore, while going outside, use a moisturizer with an efficient sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher (even if the weather is cloudy).

Keep Hydrated

We sometimes forget to drink water on the day when it’s chilly outdoors, yet this is when low humidity is most likely to dehydrate our fragile skin. Remember to sip carefully rather than guzzle during the day and use a reusable bottle. Warming winter teas, such as natural ginger and lemon, are a great way to stay hydrated in the winter – you’ll feel healthy, hydrated, and snug all at the same time. It’s a no-lose situation!

Make use of a humidifier.

If the air in the house is very dry, consider purchasing a humidifier to help keep skin soft. As an added benefit, it may help to warm up your home and alleviate the symptoms of allergies and common colds.

2. You should not smoke.

Smoking ages your skin and leads to wrinkles. Smoking constricts the tiny blood arteries in the skin’s outermost layers, reducing blood flow and darker skin. It also expands skin oxygen and nutrients essential for skin health.

Cigarette smoking also harms collagen and elastin, the fibers that give your skin strength and suppleness. Furthermore, smoking-related repeated facial gestures, such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to prevent smoke out, can get to freckles.

Moreover, smoking raises your chances of developing squamous cell skin cancer. Quitting smoking is the most excellent method to protect your skin. Consult your doctor for smoking cessation advice or treatments.


Winter is here, and with it comes dryness and itchiness all over the skin. Maintaining the same skincare routine as in the summertime will result in dull and weary skincare throughout this season. You should adjust your training to the weather and get extra items to eliminate dryness and keep your skin soft.

During the winter, your body’s oil and sweat glands, as well as your blood vessels, contract slightly. It makes it hard for the face to maintain its natural health and radiance, which is why it needs your assistance. These suggestions are simple to implement and may be quickly included in your everyday routine.

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