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10 Popular Handyman Apps in South Africa Revolutionizing Daily Tasks

Are you planning to launch a handyman business in South Africa? Yes? You are at the right place then. You would be surprised to know that for a typical handyman, the earnings are more than 100 dollars an hour. Therefore, if you launch a business that makes these services easily accessible to the people living there, you can earn a good percentage of profits. Also, you get the guarantee the handyman registered in your app will earn sufficiently through the services they provide.

This article is however not going to provide an agenda for starting a business there. Instead, we list out the ten popular apps already doing well in the South African subcontinent. This is because it is fine to have a guide that will outline the steps to create wonders. If you however have a list of solutions in front of you, it acts as a source of encouragement for new startups to understand how the solutions have achieved success and whether their inclusion will allow them to earn success or not!

Hence, let us start the article. I am sure after reading it you will be able to independently develop handyman app to ensure customers get quick help as and when they may require it.

10 Popular Handyman Apps in South Africa

Task App

The image above depicts the different services that are made available to customers through the Task App. This includes taxi rides, food delivery, handyman services for quick home assistance such as fixing electrical gadgets, getting door knobs working properly, and so on.

With extremely simple operations, it becomes easy for customers to gain access to quick help as and when they may need it.

Fix Forward

Fix Forward is an on demand handyman service app that allows customers living in South Africa to get access to services such as plumbing, waterproofing, welding, etc., all in one place.

All the customer has to do is place a tap on the service and add their location. By doing so, they will get a list of service providers nearby from which they can choose one matching their requirements. Hence, all in all, it is easy to operate making it easy for the customer to get quick home assistance as and when it is necessary.

Handyman Direct

The Handyman Direct solution gives customers access to carpenters, tilers, electricians, etc., nearby them and ensures that these tasks get performed without any challenges whatsoever.

Due to possessing the features listed below, it is extremely popular among those living in South Africa.

  • 21 services in one place
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-app call and chat

get TOD

solution that should be When you set out to develop a handyman app, a mentioned is get TOD. Providing the commitment of connecting the customers with qualified handymen, the app has very simple operations.

All it requires is that the customer enters the app, adds their location details, selects from the range of services the one they require, and then gets a list of service providers nearby. From there, the customer can select a service provider who matches their requirement and then book their services.

So you see, altogether it is an extremely easy-to-operate solution that has allowed customers living in South Africa access to handymen who can assist them in services like plumbing, fixing electrical gadgets, and so on.

Sweep South Connect

Committed to connecting customers living in South Africa with service providers who specialize as plumbers, electricians, etc. simply through the click of a few buttons on the app, Sweep South Connect is a popular on demand home service app there.

It has the following features that are especially responsible for its popularity and overall simple operations.

  • Booking management
  • Connect with a handyman nearby
  • Real-time notifications of the handyman services booked


The Jobber app is a popular home service app in South Africa that allows the home service business, in particular, to carry out its operations with utmost simplicity.

Possessing features such as invoices, reports, analytics, etc., the handyman business, in particular, gets the flexibility to perform their different tasks with utmost ease.


A field management software for the handyman in South Africa, it assists the business to manage their operations and perform different tasks like operation management, customer management, and handymen management, apart from also assisting in the task of being aware of the daily earnings they make.

Possessing the following features within, Synchroteam is another solution you need to have an idea about especially when you embark on the journey to have a Uber for handyman app for your home service venture in the South African subcontinent. They include reports and analytics, in-app chats, etc., to name a few.

Kick server

The popular home service software in South Africa provides the business there with the flexibility to manage the communications they do with customers with utmost clarity. It also supports businesses in keeping a check on daily tasks performed through their solution and so on.

This is due to the presence of the features such as the ones listed below-

• Schedule job
• Customer management
• Share invoice

Service Titan

Service Titan supports the handyman business in South Africa with the desired assistance to run their venture. With features such as reports and analytics, maintenance agreements, etc.- business operation is a cakewalk!

Hence, if you are in South Africa and are planning to develop a handyman app to boost visibility for your home service venture, you should know about this solution.

Service Fusion

Last, in our list of the ten popular Uber for handyman app in South Africa comes Service Fusion. It provides home service businesses convenience perform different business operations.

Comprising features like customer management, creating estimates for jobs, and so on, the business management tasks become a cakewalk.

All these popular apps and software have assisted the home service business in South Africa become profitable.

Hence, if you are considering launching a venture there to make customers get connected to electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc., nearby and perform operations within your handyman business with ease, the time is now.

How to Perform On Demand Home Service App Development to Launch Handyman App in South Africa?

  1. Identify features whose inclusion makes users conveniently access home services.
  2. Conduct research to know what your competitors are doing and identify the missing elements in their home service solutions.
  3. Study the current market of the home service business in South Africa and assess the demographics to understand how users interact with the apps there when they use the app to get connected to electricians, plumbers, etc., nearby them.

Apart from emphasizing these areas, outsource the project to a handyman app development company.
Here’s why.

Relevance of Outsourcing App Development to Handyman App Development Company

Building an app from scratch is undoubtedly a time-consuming affair. It also ends up consuming a lot of finances. Therefore, connecting with a handyman app development company offshore is the best way ahead. They will give you access to a team of developers and designers who will work together to build a solution that drives value for you.

As mentioned earlier, building an app from scratch consumes time and money. Therefore, to ensure you save on time and finances- connect with ventures from across the globe. They will provide you with a ready-to-launch solution – the Uber for handyman app. Being a customizable solution, you can easily modify the solution- as per your future business requirements. This will ascertain you can keep maximum customers engaged when you launch it in South Africa.

Wrapping Up

South Africa has a flourishing handyman business potential where the handyman currently earns over 100 dollars an hour for tasks they perform, such as electricians, and mechanics. Thus, it becomes clear, that when you develop a handyman app, you will become a part of the profitable home service business that makes it easy for people living there to get these different kinds of support in a streamlined manner. So, wait no longer. Connect with a handyman app development company to get the desired assistance to build this app for you so that you can get yourself future-ready and start making immense profits from Day 1!

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