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Tips to Choose the Right Swimwear for Different Body Types

The perfect swimwear should make you look and feel sexy. Your swimwear must flatter your body type while not compromising your comfort. But, it is quite a daunting task for women to pick the right swimwear for their body types. So, whether you need skinny or curvy swimwear to downplay or highlight your specific physical features, you must be mindful of your choice.

Following are some tips that can help you narrow your swimwear choices according to your body type:

Hourglass shape

An hourglass-shaped body has well-balanced features with hips and busts of equal measurement, mimicking the shape of an hourglass. If you have this type of body shape, take note of the following factors while choosing your swimwear:

  • Always choose swimwear that accentuates your well-defined waist
  • Try going for bottoms with high cuts to elongate your figure
  • Go for one-piece swimsuits with cut-outs on the sides to flaunt the waistline
  • Try not to wear swimwear with frills and ruffles, as it might not compliment your perfect curves
  • Avoid boy shorts as they might make your figure look heavy and boxy and cover up the curves.

Pear shape

Pear-shaped bodies have defined waists and wide hips, much larger than the bust region. When shopping for swimwear, you must follow the following tips:

  • Bikini tops with padded cups and push-up wires and halter tops can accentuate the small busts giving an illusion of fuller busts.
  • Go for tops with detailing like beadings, ruffles and fringes.
  • Try avoiding extra detailing on the bottom to prevent making it appear even bigger.
  • You can experiment with horizontal stripes for a fuller upper half and balance the proportions.

Apple shape

Apple-shaped bodies have fuller busts without a defined waistline creating a top-heavy shape. Women with this shape should follow the tips below:

  • Avoid adding bulk to the waist by picking swimwear with extra detailing in the mid-section
  • Go for patterned bottoms to define the bottom half and draw away the attention from busts.
  • Try one-piece swimsuits to make your torso appear longer. You may also try prints and shirring to balance the proportions.

Inverted triangle shape

Inverted triangle bodies have wider busts and shoulders, narrow hips, and less defined waists. To pick the best swimwear for this body, note the following:

  • Try halter tops to minimize the top-heavy appearance
  • Highlight the waist and add dimension to the hips by choosing bottoms with embellishments or detailing

Swimsuit for large busts

Large-busted women need extra support for their curves. When buying curvy swimwear, remember the following tips and tricks:

  • Try bra-style tops with underwires and cups to support your cleavage.
  • Go for thick straps for better support and comfort
  • Avoid bikini tops with embellishments and detailing, as it might add more volume to your bust
  • Try drawing attention to the bottom half by choosing bottoms with strings and straps, bold colours and catchy prints.

Swimsuit for small busts

For small busted women, creating the illusion of a fuller chest to enhance the bust is a vital consideration. Check the following tips to balance your proportions:

  • Pick tops with details like frills, ruffles and patterns to add more volume to the chest.
  • Go for tiny scoop tops, halter tops, and bandeau styles, making the chest appear fuller.
  • Try plunging necklines or push-up tops with a little padding for extra lift and a flattering appearance.

When you plan on having fun and relaxing, you don’t want uncomfortable swimwear that ruins your mood. So, get swimwear in fabrics like elastane, PBT, polyester or nylon that provide all-day comfort. Also, ensure that the fabric is easy to wash, snag-resistant and strong so that you can wear it more than just a couple of times.

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