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5 Fast &Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Do you need to make your WordPress site faster? Quick download pages enhance the user experience, improve your page views, and support you with your WordPress SEO. In this blog, we will share the best WordPress Development Services quick tips to improve WordPress performance and make your website faster.

WordPress is not specifically for speed. Themes, plugins, and PHP files are basically cost-effective servers to create and deliver to fellow guests. Multiple runs at the same time will remove the components, slow down your core, and prevent rotation.

Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Select a better web hosting provider

The key that affects the speed of a website is the acceptance of your WordPress website. It may seem like a good idea to support your new website with hosting providers that offer unlimited bandwidth, space, emails, and more.

However, the main thing we often think about this offer is that the shared hosting area does not provide a good load time during peak hours, and most do not provide 99% uptime per month.

Hosting makes it even worse because you share the same server space with other unique websites, as well as not yet knowing how much money others are spending. Also, you do not know exactly how to configure the servers.

Run the performance test

 Let’s comprehend where your site is in terms of performance. There is no general metric that summarizes. This is because the performance varies depending on each visitor’s area. The strength of the internet connection and whether their browser is stored on your site.

Page speeds will also vary from page to page on your site. Depending on the number and kinds of content on each page. Websites are often the benchmark for considering download speeds, although you should also test each page with high traffic.

Utilize lightweight theme

The WordPress Website Development Services theme has a lot of awesome features, slideshows, widgets, icons and many other bright and attractive features. But remember this: if they have a lot of content and high page size, they will actually damage your web server.

The most suitable option here is to use a lightweight theme. One resolution is to select one of the defaulting WordPress themes. Other is to try something like Neve, built by a group of fellows behind CodeinWP.

Compress Image Size

Images are the main supporters of the height increment of a given webpage. The scheme is to reduce. The size of the images without compromising means size recursion on the quality. Custom WordPress Development Services provide the best service.

If you manually optimize the images utilizing Chrome Speed of page Insights attachment or Photoshop or any other tools, the process will take a long time. There are plugins obtainable for just about everything you can think of, including image optimization.

Delete unwanted plugins

Since any plugin such as mini-software on your website, multiple executions at one time can affect the load time of your site which is not good. Even if you do not use some plugins, there is a chance that it works unnecessarily in the background. It may be time to reduce the size.

Start by disabling any plugins you are sure you will never use again. Test your site after each quit, then remove these plugins after checking that everything is still working. Then disable individual plugins to see the changes in speed. Consider finding an easy way with these plugins.


The biggest advantage of reducing the download time of your website is that it will continue to improve the experience of your visitors. The case is still the same whether they use a mobile device or a PC. Also, it will improve your ranking in the SERPs.

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