6 Important Strategy to be followed for Android App Development

The smartphone revolution has taken the market by storm, and as a result, more effort is being invested into offering a fantastic user experience to customers via apps. When most people talk about smartphones, they are referring to the Android operating system as a whole. With more than 80% of the global market share, Android is the single reason smartphones have grown as common as they are.

Creating an Android App platform makes it incredibly simple for both users and developers to get started. Because it is an open-source technology, the operating system’s source code can be tinkered with to create new and interesting possibilities.

Android app developers have always been on the lookout for new and unique ways to create better goods for their clients. Various obstacles were encountered during the development phase that must be solved for the end-user to have a positive experience when using the app. We’ve compiled a list of the top Android app development process ‘tips that individuals should keep in mind when creating their Android app.

Strategies to be followed to make a successful Android App development

Every mobile app developer fantasizes about inventing an app that will solve a common problem, address a public issue, or give them the next Angry Birds. Every Android developer faces several hurdles behind the scenes when implementing innovations that will benefit the customer. Here are some strategies for the Android app development process that a developer can use to ensure the success of the Android App development process:

1. Make use of development tools and frameworks

Based on Google’s Android design principles, you may quickly build the UI or UX of a mobile app. However, building, testing, and maintaining an Android app without the use of frameworks and tools for mobile application development will be tough. The tools will allow you to add features and functionality to the app without writing new code, as well as make testing and maintaining the program easier despite fast iterations. You may also use free source Android app development tools to speed up the development process while keeping project costs low.

2. Follow the strategic Android Design Guidelines

Google recommends Android Design Guidelines to developers to help them create powerful mobile apps. It also changes the Android Design Guidelines regularly to make the mobile app’s UI and UX more appealing and intuitive. For example, Google advises Android app developers to build Android apps with material design and gives a new set of tools to help them do so. You may still design an Android app in your style without adhering to Google’s requirements. However, effective process of mobile application development that runs efficiently and provides an optimal user experience, you must adhere to the most recent Android Design Guidelines.

3. Adopt Cloud Computing Technologies

When developing and testing Android Apps, cloud-based solutions will assist you in overcoming device and operating system fragmentation concerns. You can even use cloud-based technologies to construct mobile apps without having to build and maintain physical infrastructure. Certain cloud-based technologies can help you make the App development in Android OS responsive and give the same user experience across multiple versions of the mobile platform. You can use the tool to automatically modify the app for individual devices without affecting its features, functionality, or data.

4. Make the UI Responsive and Fast

Several studies have found that modern users despise slow and unresponsive mobile apps. As a result, you must investigate techniques to make the user-friendly interface (UI) of the Android app fast and responsive to keep consumers engaged. By keeping the layouts simple and relocating long-running processes away from the main thread, you can easily make the UI responsive. When creating the UI of an Android app, you remove any layered or deep layers. You should also think about rebuilding the nested or deep levels to make them simpler and faster. Similarly, while debugging the UI, you must analyze the running time of individual activities and remove all time-consuming tasks from the main thread to make the user interface more responsive. Always make a user-friendly app for making your Android App successful.

5. Emphasis on App Security

Nowadays, most businesses allow employees to access corporate apps on their mobile devices. As a result, individuals keep both personal and corporate data on their smartphones. Before downloading an Android app, savvy users always check its security features. To keep user data secure in the face of data breaches and virus assaults, you must incorporate strong security mechanisms into the app. You must also undertake security testing on the app to uncover the flaws that expose it to targeted malware assaults.

6. Meet the Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development

To sustain the popularity and profitability of your Android app over time, you must design it following the most recent and growing trends in the mobile app development process. For example, you must ensure that the app keeps users engaged by utilizing location-based Wi-Fi services. Similarly, to remain popular in the Internet of Things era, your Android app must support and promote machine-to-machine connection via sensors. You can even leverage big data and analytics to determine your target consumers’ wants and preferences, and then create an Android app that provides a personalized user experience.


However, to make the app lucrative in the long run, you must also select the appropriate monetization solution. Depending on your approach, you can choose from a variety of monetization alternatives, including in-app adverts, in-app purchases, and an affiliate network. Several surveys have revealed that Android handsets are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in emerging markets. As a result, to make the Android app financially successful, you must mix app monetization choices based on the geographic locations of target consumers. Also, Hire android developers also give more success to your Android App.

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