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6 Instagram Bio Ideas for 2021

Before you start designing your Instagram bio, there are a few questions you should ask yourself: How would you like to present yourself? What image or what first impression do you want to convey? How do you intend to arouse the interest of the visitors? For orientation and inspiration, we have collected some well-known Instagram bio ideas for you here.

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6 Instagram Bio Ideas

We have browsed Instagram for you and identified six current organic trends: informative, funny, professional, colorful, minimalist and “business”. Take a look at our examples.

The informative bio

Briefly summarize what you do and / or what interests you. For example, hobby baker + mom + dog owner can be shown here (plus a link to your website or shop, if available).

You can also just briefly describe your company if you want to use Instagram for work. Then, for example, short descriptions such as: “Brush shop from Leipzig that sells brushes in all sizes, colors and shapes” are suitable.

The funny bio

Use funny quotes, allusions, puns or ironic descriptions about yourself. You can of course also search for funny quotes and inspiration online. Just make sure that it has not been used too often and that it is original. With this Instagram bio idea, it is better not to use a funny saying than one that has already been used too often.

The professional bio

Would you like to show yourself or your business from your professional side? Then the Instagram profile is the best way to give the visitor an overview of the projects you are currently putting your heart and soul into. This profile should be inspiring and captivating in order to convince your visitors of your expertise without being intrusive. The bio can also be like a short resume to show what your strengths and strengths are.

The colorful bio

With this Instagram bio idea you use emojis instead of bullet points to give the visitors of your Instagram page a quick overview. For example, you can use the suit emojis to refer to your employer or your business page, the flower emojis to your gardener page and the letter emojis to your email address.

The minimalist organic

Would you like your profile to speak for you? Then only your name, your contact details are listed here and summarize the topics that can be found on your Instagram profile in short keywords such as Travel – Baking – Fashion. Hash tags are also ideal for this.

The Business Bio

Here Instagram users can find all the important information at a glance: the name of your business, possibly a link to the owner’s Instagram profile, a brief description of what you are selling. You can also add the opening times, telephone number, email address, website and address of the shop here (in the business profile).

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