What was the cost of an 2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria

What was the cost of an 2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria?

The 2008 toyota highlander cost in nigeria, Limited and Sport trims come with four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. They can accommodate five or seven depending on the configuration. Prices range from about $27,000-$40,000, with choices.

What was the cost of an 2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria

2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria and review

Comparatively to the competition 2008 Toyota Highlander

If the new Toyota Highlander is to succeed the Highlander has its task ahead of it. It will need to move and entertain kids, take on loads of cargo and conquer snow.

It must be secure as well as luxurious and comfortable and perform all of these tasks with out breaking your budgetfor car payments as well as at the pumps. This is a big task sure however, the top midsize SUVs have achieved that level of excellence.

The Toyota Highlander makes the grade on every level, but it’s not the best in any particular specific area. If it’s able to keep its exceptional resale value as well as durability, it will be an intelligent, even although not a particularly appealing -option for the long time to come.

Base trim levels, Sport and Limited versions are available with either four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. They can accommodate five or seven according to the configuration. Prices vary from about $27,000-$40,000, with choices. The Highlander also has a hybrid variant which is discussed separately within the Research section. I’ve tested the three trim levels of the standard Highlander at an Toyota show in Michigan.

Edgier Styling

Toyota’s California design studios designed the exterior of the vehicle, which is larger in all dimensions than the previous Highlander. In my view the Toyota’s less compact RAV4 SUV appears more proportioned with the right amount of curves to offset the angles. Its creased, angular headlights the flashy grille, and the bland bumper The Highlander is a little sleek, much as if a convenience store patron who doesn’t want to remove his glasses.

The rear bumper features dimpled reflectors to each side. Most trims have an opening hatch for glass that is without the liftgate. The standard alloys are 17-inches. those that are Sport and Limited have 19-inchers which fill in the wheel wells beautifully. The Sport comes with a dark silver grille and smoked-out front lights. The Limited comes with plainer headlights and the chrome moldings on its exterior.

With 188.4 inches in length as well as 75.2 inches wide The Highlander has approximately the same shadow as the Honda Pilot, Subaru Tribeca or Hyundai Veracruz. In comparison, the Mazda CX-9 and Saturn Outlook are each about a foot taller.

The Inside

Toyota has built up an image of excellence, and without serious competition, the latest Highlander could have kept the same quality. The competition is not serious, SUVs such as those of the CX-9 and Veracruz offer impressively high-end interiors. When compared to Toyota, Toyota falls a bit short.

The Toyota Highlander shares underpinnings with the contemporary Camry The dashboard has a lot of the sedan’s style. The controls in the center are the main central point, and feature large knobs that allow for the most important functions that are easily accessible. Sport as well as Limited versions feature a the 3.5-inch screen that sits on top of the stereo. It displays fuel consumption and temperature outside, as well as other information. It also displays the settings of the optional climate control system that allows the cabin to be divided into up to three temperature zones, three frontal and two back.

The climate controls are located beneath the stereo and are a mess. I noticed 13 buttons in between the two temperature knobs. this is a lot that you have to fill in when looking at the readout about distance of 10 inches. Contrary to that, the conventional manual air conditioning is a simple device.

Cabin quality is just an average cabin. The windows turn signals, the center controls could be incorporated into the interior of a Lexus and Chrome accents on the cabin and the electroluminescent gauges look great. The majority of the areas are covered with hard plastics they lack the glamour of the material found in other competitors. The most disappointing is the ceiling’s headliner which has some of the most affordable mouse fur on that you can find outside of an affordable car.

Parents will be pleased with their storage choices. The console in the middle behind the seats houses four cup holders and a spacious storage bin. Don’t forget laptops, the glove box can accommodate small computers for desktops. (Probably but not the screen, however we shouldn’t be too enthralled.)

The seat is lightweight enough to be easy to install. Its comfort can be hit and missed even for a middle seat. 

Depending on the place where you’re located depending on the position of the second row, the third row could be extremely adult-friendly. I’m 6’3 tall and felt that the headroom was somewhat cramped, however after moving the second row by a few inchesand still allowing plenty of legroom for adults of all ages — the legroom of the third row was sufficient for me to be content with a quick journey.

Bigger Engine, Better Mileage

All Toyota Highlanders have the 3.5-liter V6 engine that is found in it’s predecessors, the Camry, Sienna and several other Toyotas. For the Highlander it puts out 248 hp and 270 pounds of torque. These are significant improvements over the previous V6 that produced 215 horsepower and 222 pounds of torque. Five-speed automatic transmissions are common. The base four-cylinder engine from last year was removed.

Acceleration is good on the first go, but it gets more powerful when the engine accelerates. The transmission aids in moving things along by holding gears and never changing gears too quickly. Acceleration that is hard can cause abrupt shifts between lower gears — good to accelerate, but less ease of use — but most of the time , the shifting is smooth enough that they can pass without being noticed. The drivetrain performs best when driving on the highway, as it can downshift with little gear-hunting. Third gear is particularly powerful for speeds of 50 to 70 mph.

The option of four-wheel drive is completely transparent for the motorist. It features an in-center differential that splits power 50/50 between back and front wheel continuously. Four-wheel drive models come with an assist feature for downhills. You can press a button on the dashboard and it slows the vehicle to a crawl on the steep slopes. This feature is a little absurd: There’s no low gear available for off-road rock crawling, that’s why you need to avoid areas that are where the terrain is a bit treacherous to warrant the downhill assistance.

All Highlanders include a hill-start feature that can hold the brakes for as long as three seconds after an halt to stop the car from rolling backwards before you are able to start the engine.

These ratings outperform most mid-sized SUVs by about 1 or 2 miles per gallon. They also outperform the previous V-6 Highlander by around 1 milliliter (adjusted with the new EPA calculation) This is an impressive achievement considering that the new Highlander is more powerful and weighs around 300 pounds less. (Four-cylinder enthusiasts won’t notice the old four-cylinder Highlander had just 1 mpg more than what the new model when equipped with it’s V6.)

Ride & Handling

The unibody design provides the ride to be comfortable, with no underbody shimming that plagued the prior Highlander (which had also been a unibody) as well as many body-on-frame SUVs.The three models have more noise from suspensions when going over big obstacles than what I’ve come think of in a mid-sized SUV.

Wind noise is low. If you’re driving on a smooth stretch of asphalt they are quiet. They’re 19 inches wide., as well as P245/55R19 tires produce a slight sound at highway speeds, that I didn’t notice in the base model’s 17-inchers or the thicker P245/65R19 rubber.

 These systems can save on the consumption of fuel and provide low-hanging fruits to meet government’s standards for fuel efficiency I’m sure however, they usually produce a lifeless, fake steering experience. The CX-9 performs better in this area however, there are a few competitors that are particularly notable. Similar is the case with body roll. Like many SUVs that are available, the Highlander is a bit slouched in curves and reminds drivers not a good idea to corner quickly.

Four-wheel disc antilock brakes are the norm. The pedal is spongy and responsive however the brakes will clamp hard in the event of a need.

What was the cost of an 2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria

Cargo & Towing

After all the three rows have been in place and elevated, the cargo space at the rear is 10.3 cubic feet.  Highlanders without the third row contain a substantial storage space under the floor in the rear.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety frontal crash tests the Highlander in 2008 Highlander received the highest rating Good. IIHS hasn’t tested this Toyota Highlander for side impacts.

Toyota hasn’t scrimped in safety equipment. It also helps to combat the pulling of the steering when braking hard to assist the Highlander keep an straight line. (Toyota states that the system is unable to control the vehicle independently, as the latest systems can and should you steer it the wrong direction in the event of a skid, don’t count on an additional power assist.)

There are roll-sensing curtain airbags on all three rows. 

Every seat has head restraints. Active head restraints are available across all front seat variants. The second row has Latch anchors for children’s seats on the outboard seats. They also have an easily accessible top-tether anchor midway towards the seatback.

Features & Pricing

With the exception of the destination fee The starting price of the Toyota Highlander with two-wheel drive starts at $27,300. The option of four-wheel drive on any trim is about $1500. All trims come with three rows of seats but a third-row deletion option for certain models could save you $740.

  • A lot of these features are only available in the Sport. The options on both trim levels include navigation systems, JBL premium audio, the backseat DVD player an electric moonroof, rear-view mirror and the heated seats in front.

Highlander at the Market

The competition made by GM, Mazda and Hyundai are expected to provide Hyundai, Mazda and GM the chance to give Toyota Highlander a run for its money. Toyota has pledged to increase its efforts and its latest model has to prove that.

The latest Toyota Highlander has lots of classic sensibilities, including an acceptable gas mileage, and plenty of safety features. However, it’s not a standout model. If it’s to be as reliable as its predecessor reliability will be the defining characteristic that is the kind of thing that textbooks attract many buyers appreciate.

What was the cost of an 2008 Toyota Highlander cost in Nigeria

Does Toyota Fortuner same as 2008 Toyota Highlander?

It also has an 105mm wheelbase. The Fortuner is higher by 106mm and has 22mm better ground clearance as compared to the Highlander. 

Toyota Highlander: 5 things to be aware of

The Highlander is known in the market as the Toyota Kluger in right-hand-drive markets The SUV is available in markets like North America, Japan and Australia.

This fourth-generation SUV was unveiled for its international first appearance during the New York Auto Show and it was released to the public at the end of last year. 

It’s based on the newest technology TNGA-K.

This fourth generation Highlander comes with Toyota’s platform called the TNGA-K. The platform, as described by Toyota is made up of a lot of high-strength steel , which makes the vehicle a more rigid and more sturdy structure than the previous model.

In terms of measurements in terms of dimensions, the Highlander is 4,950mm long with a width of 1,930mm and 1,729mm in height . It has a wheelbase that is 2,850mm long. But the Fortuner is taller at 106mm and has 22mm greater clearance from the ground in comparison to the Highlander.

It appears modern

Along the sides, sharp character lines and the smart alloy wheels give the brand new Highlander an aggressive appearance. On the back, it sports an integrated spoiler for the boot lid and Lexus-like tail-lights with slim LEDs. It’s a luxurious cabin with lots of features

 One is below vents for AC on the center console and the other on the passenger side over the glovebox. The interior of the latest Highlander appears modern but is lacking style.

It is equipped with an engine that is hybrid

In the world internationally, the fourth-gen Highlander comes with two different engines. There’s an 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine which generates 300hp, and 356Nm torque.

Another alternative is a hybrid powertrain which combines an 2.5-litre 4-cylinder gasoline motor as well as two electric motors, resulting in an output of 223hp.

Toyota Highlander rivals

In terms of rivals on the international market Toyota Highlander is a formidable competitor in international markets.

Although there’s no announcement of any official confirmation of an India launch in the event that Toyota choose to introduce the Highlander to America it will be placed over the Fortuner in Toyota’s lineup.

What’s the best 2008 Toyota Highlander Trim? Here’s Our Guide

 With over a dozen options, buyers have an array of options. To help narrow the options we’ve put together the following trim reviews as an easy way to explore these options.

2008 Toyota Highlander L Trim Pros And Cons

The Toyota has eight seats however the third row of the Highlander is extremely congested. As with other models like the Kia Telluride or Hyundai Palisade models, V-6 power is standard on the Highlander. With a respectable 295 hp and 263 lb-ft torque, we have found this 3.5-liter V-6 engine extremely rough. 

The Highlander excels in other areas with plenty of storage spaces and cubbies in the interior. A 8.0-inch touchscreen is typical, as are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. However, we would like that the infotainment system and graphics were more contemporary. The driver’s seat with power is typical, as is three-zone climate control that is automatic.

To get more amenities you’ll need to upgrade to an upper trim.


2008 Toyota Highlander LE Trim Pros And Cons

The buyers who value their money will prefer the LE version that will be available in 2021 Highlander. The most significant improvement is an electric liftgate.

This LE trim also comes with LED foglights as well as a leather-trimmed shift knob as well as a steering wheel. 

Toyota includes five USB ports, but we’re unsure why none of them are located in the 3rd row. 

At a cost of about $2,000 more than L this model, this trim will likely be appealing to those who appreciate the ease of a power liftgate without having to consider many alternatives.

2008 Toyota Highlander XLE Trim Pros And Cons

A more comfortable ride is the aim of this trim. The XLE comes with the latest 7.0-inch color display of information in the center console of the car.

The heated and powered seats are likely to be the most attractive aspect of this trim. 

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

In terms of fuel efficiency Toyota’s big best-performing model is in the model of Highlander Hybrid. Since highway and city mileages are nearly the same, you’ll enjoy an advantage regardless of the location you drive in. Although the fuel savings are significant, the four-cylinder engine is extremely rough and unpleasant at maximum speed. In all trim levels the Hybrid price is $1,400.

2008 Toyota Highlander XSE Trim Pros And Cons

It’s more than a mere cosmetics package it’s an XSE trim.Of the course, there’s many cosmetic modifications to emphasize the sporty look of the XSE features.

 The most adventurous can choose the seating in red leather to match the carbon fiber-like faux finishes on the interior.

As is typical of its sporting character it is it’s the XSE trim is available only using the engine V-6.

2008 Toyota Highlander Limited Trim Pros And Cons

The features really begin to add up when you get the Limited trim. There’s a touch of sparkle with an addition to the 20-inch wheels. 

The power users will appreciate the 120-volt outlet that is located between the front seats and the built-in navigation system is accessible. 

It’s a lot of extra equipment, which is evident in the 6800 dollars increase in the trim L (and $4,000 more than XLE).

2008 Toyota Highlander Platinum Trim Pros And Cons

One of the advantages that comes with Platinum trim is that one benefit of Platinum model is that passengers in the second row can enjoy a more comfortable experience thanks to heated captain’s chairs and an expansive moonroof. The sound quality to be exceptional and clear with strong images even at higher volume.

The features of adaptive headlights mirrors for rear-view cameras, and cameras with surround-view are helpful however the head-up display of 10 inches reflect on the dash which we find to be distracting.

In all The Platinum trim offers a mixed range of options as well as a significant upswing of around $3200 over Limited.

So What 2008 Toyota Highlander Model Is Best?

If sports-inspired styling isn’t your thing, then the Limited is the most versatile trim that comes with front-wheel and all-wheel drive options in hybrid or gas versions. Limited is the first trim to includes the 12.3-inch touchscreen accessible.

2008 Toyota Highlander Trims:

  • L
  • LE
  • XLE
  • XSE
  • Limited (MT’s selection)
  • Platinum




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