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7 Seafood to Boost Your Immune System with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins that your body needs to maintain serum calcium levels. This also helps support the cellular process, ossification in the bone, and neuromuscular functions in your body.

This vitamin is also very necessary for developing your immune response. It also helps in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, and obesity.

One of the easiest ways to fulfill your vitamin D levels is to go outside and get your daily dose of sunlight. However, too much exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage. Therefore, you must obtain the right levels of this vitamin from other sources.

However, Vitamin D is not found in a lot of different foods. Therefore it is important to know which ones to consume in order to fulfill your nutritional deficiencies. Some of the best sources of this vitamin are found in seafood. If you want to try the best seafood restaurant in Greensboro then try Red Crab Greensboro.

Let’s read up on what you can consume to stay fit and healthy.

1. Salmon

Salmon fish is rich in protein and a great source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. If you want to take up the full nutrition of this fish, try to consume it without cooking it too much. You can eat it raw in the form of sushi. If you are not a fan of raw fish then opt for pan-seared or baked versions of it. Cooking it at high temperatures causes the fish to lose its nutritional value. Try and opt for wild salmon if you want to consume it. You can also find amazing salmon dishes at a seafood restaurant in Greensboro.

2. Rainbow trout

Another amazing source of vitamin D is Rainbow Trout. If you want to complete your daily requirement of this vitamin, then you can do so easily by consuming 3 ounces of Trout fish. Not only is it a great source of vitamin D, but it also packs many other minerals and vitamins. Besides being rich in nutrition, this fish is also a great source of protein. So if you are following a protein diet or are on a keto diet then this one can be your best friend!

Most of the Rainbow Trout that you will find in the US is farm-raised. This means that you will not find any mercury in these fishes when compared to others. However, if you do not want to go for farmed fish and like your fish wild. Then you can always opt for Codfish. This one is also as nutritionally rich as Trout. Most fatty fish dishes are served with a seafood boil in Greensboro.

3. Canned tuna

Your simple canned Tuna is also a great way to fulfill your needs of vitamin D. not only this it is also rich in protein. And the great part is that you won’t even gain weight if you eat this. Isn’t that great! However, make sure you opt for the ones that are obtained from sustainable sources and have low amounts of mercury. Try and choose light Tuna as it is the best. You can eat it spread over bread or as a sandwich served with a shrimp boil.

4. Herring

Another power-packed seafood is Herring. It has a massive 216 IU of vitamin D in a 100 gram serving of the fish. This can be easily eaten raw or cooked. It depends on how you like your fish. Even if you do not like fresh fish you can opt for pickled herring.

However, be careful while consuming it. As pickled herring has high amounts of sodium which is not good for your health. Other fishes that can be eaten in place of herring are Halibut and Mackerel. These too, are rich in vitamin D.

5. Sardines

Sardines are like super nutritional bullets that provide you with a lot of nutrients in one go. Therefore, there is no need to say that they are exceptionally healthy for you! This nutrient-dense seafood is rich in proteins and contains loads and loads of essential vitamins and minerals. This includes your immune-boosting vitamin D.

Not only this, sardines have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Another perk of having these fish is that they do not have high levels of mercury. This is because they consume plankton which does not carry any toxins or heavy metals. Therefore it can be said that these are the cleanest of all the fish around the world and all seafood too! You can opt for either fresh or canned sardines. Some amazing sardine dishes are also available at a seafood restaurant in Greensboro.

6. Cod liver oil

Another amazing source of vitamin D that you get from seafood is cod liver oil. This is one of the biggest and top most sources of vitamin D and A. It also has anti-inflammatory properties due to being rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You don’t have to eat cod to obtain it. You can simply take a capsule along with your delicious shrimp boil for full nutritional value.

7. Swordfish

If you consume 3 ounces of swordfish a day, you can easily fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D. This is because this amount of swordfish contains about 566 IU of vitamin D. it is recommended by nutritionists that you consume around two servings of swordfish in a week. This will not only boost your immune system but will also give your bones strength and will improve your heart health.

However, it is advised that pregnant women and children should not consume it, as large fishes like this have high levels of mercury. Although for adults the benefits of consuming this fish outweigh the risks. Therefore, individuals should add it to their diet. You can find some amazing dishes of swordfish along with a seafood boil in Greensboro.

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