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DS200LDCCH1A: Mark V turbine control system’s worthy companion

DS200LDCCH1A is a Drive control LAN communication board. It is specifically designed to work with the Mark V Speedtronic exciter boards by General Electric. Although it is an essential component of General Electric’s EX2000 and DC2000 excitation products, which are seven-layered circuit boards, it works ideally with the whole Mark V Speedtronic series. To further understand the working of DS200LDCCH1A, we must first briefly discuss what an exciter board is and how it functions.

Exciter boards

As the name suggests, exciter boards are the main component of an excitation system. The excitation system is responsible for providing field current to the generator’s rotor winding. However, the exciter board supplies the direct current output to the exciter state via Automatic Voltage Regulators. Exciter boards, like the DS200LDCCH1A, are designed for increased reliability, enhanced transitory response, and stability.

Mark V Speedtronic series

It is GE’s one of the most productive turbine control systems after Mark VI. The Mark V uses the DS200LDCCH1A as its exciter board and has been a favorite for many industries and turbine operators. It is equipped with a triple-redundant 16-bit microprocessor. One crucial feature that makes it better than its predecessor, Mark IV, is its Fault tolerance system. It includes a 2/3 redundancy with critical control parameters that allow the board to enhance its protection feature due to its low forced outage. As a result, it is undoubtedly a favorite for the majority of turbine operators.

DS200LDCCH1A notable features

The DS200LDCCH1A comes with a swift reset function for hardware and software alike. In addition, it has communication through the Local Area Network for processing the Input/output system.

This exciter board processes the drive provides customer input/output functions and motors through the microprocessor control. In addition, DS200LDCCH1A assists in software adjustments and runs diagnostic tests with the help of the operation interface.

Its compatibility

DS200LDCCH1A is a perfect match for the Mark V gas turbine control system. However, it is majorly due to the Software-integrated failure tolerance feature. This exciter board fulfills all the regulations and compatibility standards of a gas turbine control system. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for the Mark V Speedtronic series. Moreover, this board assists the entire operations of the turbine system with the digital microprocessor of the Mark V.

This chip has made a good influence on the Speedtronic series over time. Subsequently, it has become a go-to for use in the Mark V gas turbine control system. Although, A big chunk of credit for this dependability goes to the system’s reliability provided by the SIFT feature. The Mark V control system is a perfect match for gas turbine controls. Moreover, this is because they fulfill all the standards of gas turbine control. Mark V utilizes a digital microprocessor to run  the entire operations of a gas turbine.

DS200LDCCH1A Microprocessors

The DS200LDCCH1A comprises four central processors in its exciter card. Let’s briefly discuss them.

Motor control processor

These processors are located on the U21 position on the processor and can be controlled manually or remotely depending on the user’s feasibility. Its primary purpose is to accelerate or decelerate the machine’s motor. Therefore, allowing the motor control circuits and I/O communication. Additionally, mostly the C2000 microprocessor is to be used for most of the applications.

Drive control processor

It is located on the U1 position of the LAN communication board. The drive control processor controls the circuits to enable communication between the CPU and hard drive of the exciter board. Moreover, this processor produces control over the integrated peripheral I/O like the decoders and the timers.

LAN control processor

This processor is present in the U18 position. It works through a five-bus system with two generators, namely G1 and G2, whereas the three load buses on 3,4, and 5. Furthermore, it has seven transmission lines.

Co-motor processor

The Co-motor processor is present on the U35 and is essential for assistance to the motor control processor. It works best if there is a far complex calculation that the motor control processor can’t handle. Hence, this processor lends a helping hand if there is a need for extra processing power to complete a task.

Manual for DS200LDCCH1A installation

It is always wise to consult the user’s manual for instructions when dealing with technical equipment. Hence, when working with the Mark V, and more specifically the DS200LDCCH1A, we need to consult a specific manual. Although the GEI-100216 manuals cover the DS200LDCCG1A more extensively, it is still a significant help to get you the information you need. In addition, it also covers the essentials of LAN drive control communications boards.

Installation guidelines

  • Connect the board to the committees and various devices through the bayonet connectors.
  • Firmly hold the connector with either hand while retaining the board with the other.
  • Make sure no bending or shifting occurs.
  • Set the cables aside till you are ready to attach the connectors.

It is essential to know that there are two types of receptors in the connectors, the male and female receptors. Before removing them, firmly grasp one receptor with the dominating hand and hold the board with the other.


There need to be some precautions when dealing with delicate items like an exciter board. Furthermore, it is also crucial to handle the bayonets with care. Ensure there is no tugging or pulling on them in opposite directions to untangle them. Furthermore, ensure the cablers aren’t getting pulled as it might damage them. It is also critical to check whether the bayonet connectors are not getting in touch with the board’s surface as it might lead to scruffing or bending.

User intervention

There are 30 jumpers, two bayonet connectors, and three fuses on the exciter board. Ensure that all of these items are present to prevent any sort of mishap. Additionally, ensure that the berg jumpers are reset every time the circuit breaker is removed. It is also essential to validate the safe-keeping of the microprocessors as they have all the programmable RAM modules in them.


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