Are Meta Blueprint Certifications Worth it?

If you are a digital marketer or media buyer, you might have heard of Meta’s Blueprint Certifications. These certificates can help you develop in-demand skills and stand out in the job market. But, it’s important to consider that they will cost you. You will have to pay around $100-$150 for an exam. Many students find this fee quite expensive and wonder if these certifications are worth their time and money.

So, in this post, our professional law dissertation writers will discuss the Meta Blueprint Certification programme and whether it can help you land a better job or get promoted to a better position.

Meta Blueprint Certificates

Meta provides the following associate and professional level certifications:

· 100-101: Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

This beginner-level certification is perfect for any student or professional new to digital or social media marketing. Its curriculum focuses on the tools Meta offers for businessmen and marketers to promote their products/services on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is not important for you to have any experience as a marketer, nor do you need significant digital marketing knowledge to enroll into this program. You can learn how to advertise on Meta’s platforms, even if you’re a newbie. You’ll also learn how to use various tools on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to run effective marketing campaigns.

· 200-101: Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional

Facebook (now Meta) required students to complete the Digital Marketing Associate certification before applying to become a Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional. However, the restriction has been lifted, and now everyone can apply for this programme. This certification is great for people who are data scientists, analysts, newbie digital marketers, and measurement FMP analysts. The Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional focuses on marketing analysis, a skill required by many companies worldwide. Firms want to hire professionals who can use data to analyse and measure the success or failure of their marketing campaigns.

· 300-101: Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professional

Designing an effective creative strategy to run a successful marketing campaign is important. Companies keep looking for talented and skilled individuals who can devise an effective creative strategy and run profitable marketing campaigns. Completing the Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professional certification shows that you have advanced-level knowledge regarding digital marketing and using Meta’s advertising and analytical tools. You will be taught to use insights and statistics and produce a creative strategy. You’ll also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your creative decisions.

· 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

You should consider opting for Meta’s Media Buying Professional Certification if you are a media buyer or want to become one. Marketing requires a fair amount of capital. Thus, companies must monitor how much money they spend promoting their products or services. The duty of a media buyer is to estimate and monitor marketing expenditures and resources. After completing this certification, you’ll also qualify for the Meta Certified Discovery Commerce Specialist programme. In the end, you’ll not only be able to optimize, manage, and run effective marketing campaigns, but you’ll also know how to use the budget efficiently.

· 400-101: Meta Certified Media Planning Professional

Another certification marketing executives and planners can consider Meta’s Media Planning Professional Certification. This programme consists of courses where you’ll learn how to understand marketing insights and data. You will also study how to make profitable media recommendations and measure the performance of every marketing campaign. In addition, after completing this course, dealing with advertisers and understanding their demands will be much easier for you. Sure, there are no prerequisites for this programme. However, we’ll only recommend you to go for this certification if you have basic knowledge about media buying, planning and marketing.

· 500-101 Meta Certified Marketing Developer

Meta has offered this professional-level certification for software engineers and developers who want to implement their programming skills to produce effective marketing solutions for companies. You will learn to use tools like Meta Pixel, Business Manager, advanced matching, and product catalogues. Companies will pay high salaries to developers who have expertise in marketing and can help them promote their products or services using advanced technical methods. The best thing about this certification is that Meta keeps updating the course content depending on enhancements in operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android.

· 600-101: Meta Certified Community Manager

Every company looks to engage their audience effectively. Therefore, many will hire highly experienced and qualified community managers. If you want to switch to this career path or get promoted, you can consider applying for the Meta Certified Community Manager programme. This certification is perfect for brand managers, community leaders, and social managers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge for connecting, managing, and scaling online communities while following platform regulations and policies.

· Meta Certified Spark AR Creator

If you are a software developer/engineer keen on augmented reality (AR), then this certification can give your resume the boost your talents need. This is a professional-level certification in which you’ll develop enough skills to produce advanced augmented reality content and apps. AR is one of the most anticipated technologies, and its limitless capabilities are the reason why many companies want to hire AR engineers. Unlike other certifications, the Meta Certified Spark AR Creator is unrelated to digital marketing. However, AR will certainly be used to create effective and innovative marketing solutions in the future.


Studying for Meta’s Blueprint certification is absolutely free. You can easily find course content for every certification on this link. For associate-level certifications, the exam fee is $100, and for professional-level exams, the fee is $150. Also, it’s worth mentioning that these certifications will only be valid for one year. We believe the validation period should have been a little longer because the exam fee is quite expensive. But considering how quickly technology is changing these days, the one-year validation seems reasonable.

So, should you go for it? If you are a newbie digital marketer or developer who wants to strengthen your profile and resume, go for it! Many companies do prefer candidates with a valid Blueprint certification. It shows they know how to use Meta’s marketing tools to run profitable and impactful campaigns.

Meta certifications are also great for individuals pursuing a PhD degree in marketing. But, if you want to complete your doctorate programme without any hassle, you will have to perform well in your dissertations, which is extremely difficult. If you cannot find the time to complete such complex papers, you’ll need the help of our PHD research paper writer. They will help you write a flawless dissertation and submit it on time. So, place your order right now!

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