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Best Treadmills for Home Use in India: Reviews and Buying Guide

Treadmills are a popular and modern product to work out. They give the customers the freedom to work out within the comfort of their homes. The best treadmill comes with various features and may fall under a varied price range. There are various types of treadmills available in the market. The most popular ones among them are motorized treadmills. 

Afton treadmills, Durafit treadmills, etc., are some of the bestsellers in this category. The way to choose the best treadmills. Identifying the budget and, then comparing the features within the bracket.

To help you gain in-depth insight, we have collated some of the top treadmills that are best as per customer reviews. 

Best treadmill products according to Indian reviews:

  • AFTON BT21 AC Motorized Semi-Commercial Treadmills (Black)

It is one of the latest Afton treadmills with a strong motor of 2 HP output and comes with a sleek design and a robust body weighing approximately 95 kg. The dimensions of the treadmill are 198 x 90 x 41 Centimeters with skid-proof safe pedals and a unique shock-reducing technique. You also get an LCD display to monitor. Keep track of time, distance, calories burnt, and heart rate. It is reviewed by the customers as the best treadmill by Afton treadmills. 

  • Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP (2 HP peak) Motorized Treadmill

It has a DC motor with an output of 1.5 HP (and 2 HP at peak) with a speed range from 1 km per hour to 12.8 km per hour. It can handle a maximum weight of 90 kg, comes with a range of 12 preset programs and is compatible with mobile apps. The LCD display will let you monitor and track the time, distance, calories burnt, and heart rate. It is the best treadmill by Fitkit, as concluded by keeping the reviews in consideration. 

  • Durafit Heavy 2.5HP (Peak 5.0 HP) Motorized Foldable Treadmill

It has a strong DC motor with an output of 2.5 HP under normal circumstances and 5 HP at peak with a running area is 1270*470 mm. It’s been designed to withstand a maximum weight of 120 kg and offers a speed range from 0 km per hour to 16 km per hour. It has inbuilt speakers and also comes with a display to monitor. You can also track the time, distance, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. It is one of the best treadmills you can buy in the market. 

  • AFTON Xterra TR 250 Motorized Treadmills (Black)

This Afton treadmill has a high-power DC motor with an output of 5 HP and can handle a maximum weight of 120 kg. The dimensions of the running surface are 450 x 1270mm and offer a speed range of 1 km per hour to 16 k per hour. It comes with a package of manual and toolkit. 

It has a smart body and is easy to operate, comes with a robust and sleek design to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Afton is one of the best brands in the market that you can invest in. It is regarded as one of the best products by Afton treadmills. 

These best treadmills have been quite popular among users of all age groups. By helping you follow your active workout routine in an enhanced and prudent manner. 

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