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10 Reasons Why Exercising Outdoors Is Loved By Many People, Including You!

It is an essential activity for human health and wellness, yet exercising seems to be more of a hard-to-obey obligation for many people. While a lot of men and women love to work out, a lot hate it or at least have a difficult time committing to it. Well, we understand that because obviously, regular exercise demands a great deal of time, effort, drive and discipline. But if it’s really hard for you to find motivation, try to consider the environment where you exercise or plan to do so. Changing it might help. If exercising indoors doesn’t seem to fit you, exercising outdoors might be!

Yes, it’s true that your workout location and its surroundings have an effect on your exercise practices and enthusiasm as well. If it’s not effective, you won’t fully enjoy your workout and won’t completely do what you have to do.

Although exercising indoors has tons of benefits, like staying at home and being more secure and private, it may not always be the best choice for you and for other people. That’s why you can observe a lot of individuals, some families and groups of friends who are jogging, training and playing sports outdoors and in public places. Aside from mere enjoyment, there’s definitely more to it!

Here are 10 reasons why exercising outdoors is loved by many people, including you!

1 – Fresh air outdoors makes exercising more refreshing.

exercising outdoors

Many people don’t really like the idea of working out because it’s tiring. Well, they’re not wrong at all. Of course, when you move your body actively and intensely as you exercise, your joints and muscles get stretched and stimulated. Nonetheless, it’s normal, and it’s also true that exercising makes you feel rejuvenated. There’s nothing like that delightful post-workout feeling! 

Exercising outdoors boosts the healthfulness of your body and of the activity itself. Fresh air makes it so much better and more refreshing! Unlike when you’re confined inside the house or inside the gym, exercising outdoors enables you to breathe more freely and more comfortably. It performs some cleaning processes in your breathing. There are no solid walls and roofs that hinder you from experiencing fresh air. 

2 – Your workout space is vast and unrestricted.

exercising outdoors

The biggest struggle of many people working out in their homes is limited legroom. There are appliances and furniture that occupy floor space. Some abodes are not so wide either. Even when you have a big house or a home gym, you won’t get the same space from it as you can get from exercising outdoors. 

Go to the park, to a vacant lot, to an outdoor playground, and to anywhere else where exercising is allowed. Your workout space will be vast and unrestricted. You may perform any kind of exercise. You can exercise through sports and other activities, such as cycling.    Furthermore, group workouts will be conveniently possible too! 

3 – The sight of nature makes your mind healthy.

exercising as a group

Exercising is vital not only for the physical aspects of your health but also for the mental aspects. It relieves stress and clears the mind. As you develop better focus and determination while exercising, your mind is enhanced as well. 

Many people prefer exercising outdoors because they are able to relax their minds and forget negative thoughts while they see nature. Indeed, nature has therapeutic properties just by being itself. It helps you unwind and calm down. Even without exercise equipment while running or walking, you’re loving your workout! The sight of nature, including the smell of it, makes your mind healthy and peaceful.   

4 – The sunshine makes you healthy in many ways.

park exercise

Being too exposed under the sun is bad, but just get the right amount because you still need it. Exercising outdoors is beneficial because it allows you to directly receive the nutrients from the sun. This makes you healthy in many ways. 

The sunshine wakes you up and gets you ready for action. It switches your energy on. And don’t forget, it provides the Vitamin D that your skin and your body generally needs. 

Use sunscreen before exercising outdoors in the morning, so you can roam around safely and more comfortably.  

5 – There’s less or no temptation to use screens.


One of the toughest hindrances for people to exercise is the use of gadgets. That’s true, and everyone knows that! 

Exercising outdoors keeps you away from the tendency of staying on your mobile devices and on your PCs all day. There is less or no temptation to use screens whenever you are working out outdoors. This allows you to concentrate on exercising and also to improve your daily routine, so you develop self-discipline when using gadgets.   

6 – Enjoy strolling while choosing where to exercise.

exercising outdoors

You also need to leave the house to ease off sometimes. Yours is the freedom to choose the location of your workout when you exercise outdoors. At home, you have no other option but the room you have or that works best, but outside, you have limitless choices! What’s more, you can enjoy strolling while doing that!   

7 – You don’t have to pay for gym membership fees.

exercising outdoors

There are tons of advantages when you go to the gym to work out, but if you don’t have the budget or if you’re just not yet ready for that kind of commitment, exercising outdoors is one of the best picks for you. 

Here, you don’t have to pay for gym membership fees. Places open to the public for jogging and other exercises are free of charge! There are parks without simple, free-to-use exercise equipment too. Awesome! Your heart is healthy, and your wallet is happy!

8 – Being able to flex your nice workout clothes!

workout clothes

It’s not required, but exercising outdoors enables you to wear and flex your nice workout clothes! If your workout OOTD is a motivation for you to exercise, then you’d love how exercising outdoors supports your style.

9 – Exercising outdoors lets you multitask and run errands too.

exercising outdoors

There are times when staying at home too much makes you lazy to go outside. Exercising outdoors lets you multitask and run errands too. You can drop by your friend’s house on the way home after your workout, buy fruits from the market, or pay bills. As long as you still look presentable and smell the same, well, yes, you can take advantage of your outdoor exercise day! 

10 – It’s a great way to bond with your family outdoors.


Make your outdoor exercise even more meaningful. It’s a great way to bond with your family.

When you’re all at home, plenty of time is wasted on doing nothing and on minding your own businesses. While it’s okay if you’re all just busy with work, school and other important tasks, spending time together must still be a major priority. 

Exercising outdoors is truly helpful to make your relationships at home healthy as well! 



Workout routines that are very exhausting when done at home or inside the gym can turn into less tiring and more exciting fitness activities when done outdoors! That’s because there are many opportunities to level up your physical exercises when you’re outside where there are not so many limitations and temptations compared to when you’re staying indoors. 

Choosing a different exercise setting sometimes can make your workout more interesting and refreshing. You spend most of your time indoors, whether it’s for resting at home, for studying in school or working in the office, right? So exercising outdoors is surely a wise decision that will bring you amazing fruits – for your health and for your life. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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