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Give Your Home’s Security and Curb Appeal with an Elegant Boost with our Premium Outdoor Lights 

Outdoor house lights are functional at so many levels, serving the practical purpose of lighting up your property and also enhancing your home’s aesthetic value.

Send out warm welcoming vibes to your guests with outdoor modern lights at the entrance. Dramatize the garden areas of your home or enjoy a backyard family dinner lit up with outdoor decorative lights

Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary homes without outdoor wall lights are unimaginable. With a little bit of planning, strike a balance between security and visual appeal by deciding the fixtures and lighting style that works for your outdoor spaces.

At Beruru, a stunning array of outdoor lamps and lights await you. We are a passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts aiming to brighten up your outdoor living space sustainably. Browse through our inventory of one-of-a-kind outdoor lights online today!

Explore a Wide Variety of Outdoor Lights To Choose From

The ambient, task and accent lighting principles apply to outdoor spaces too, leading to a host of different lighting solutions. With floodlights, brighten up a vast expanse of landscape. Highlight landscape features using spotlights or light up the steps leading to the front door with step lamps. Motion sensor lamps will light up every time motion is detected nearby.

Install outdoor hanging lamps at the porch or the patio to create a vintage farmhouse look. Or get contemporary outdoor garden lamps to bring the beautiful garden into focus. Outdoor wall lights and outdoor LED lamps with motion sensors along your home’s outer wall will provide you with much-needed security and help thwart crime.

Invest in quality waterproof outdoor lamps from Beruru today and watch your space glow delightfully.

Outdoor Lights That Blend Alluring Illumination & Supreme Value

Beruru is committed to adorning your outdoor spaces and garden areas with sustainable lighting. Check out our outdoor lamps online to shop for the ones that will dial up the glamour quotient of your home. Buy outdoor lights from Beruru for your next home upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Lights

Do exterior lights need to match the décor?
Installing complementing exterior lights to your property’s overall design is a good idea but is not mandatory. Mixing and matching outdoor wall lights can create an interesting look.

Where should exterior lights be placed?
Exterior lights should be placed in key areas that need to be lit up after dark, like driveways, property boundaries, garage entrance, porch, etc. 

What type of lighting is best for outdoors?
Therefore, for security purposes and large area coverage, motion sensors and flood lights respectively work best. To accentuate the landscape, you can use spotlights. 

How bright should exterior lights be?
LED lights of 200-500 lumens are the ideal brightness for exterior lights. In the case of multiple garden lights, 200 lumens per fixture will work well.

Our premium outdoor lights give your home’s security and curb appeal with an elegant boost. Outdoor wall lamps are functional at so many levels, serving the practical purpose of lighting up your property and also enhancing your home’s aesthetic value.

Heavy Winds Capable of Displacing Furniture

If you live in an area where you experience heavy winds during multiple seasons, then you should consider outdoor furniture which is on the heavier side. So, you don’t want your furniture to dance along the wind. Instead, you should choose furniture that is either fixed to ground or can be moved only with human intervention. Such materials will save you a lot of trouble.

Along with these three factors, you should also consider furniture that is easier to maintain. It is understood that outdoor furniture will collect a lot of dust and dirt overtime. If you are unable to clean it occasionally and easily, then it becomes a hassle.

So, consider all these aspects when you are choosing the right furniture for your outdoor environment

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