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Complete Guide to Choose Data Selling Companies in Singapore

Investing in a high-quality marketing database has become a priority for B2B businesses in Singapore because the country follows stringent protocols to protect users’ data. For instance, Singapore is home to the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act). Hence, the only way to get a list of target prospects is via viable contact lists to reach out to many qualified prospects.  Furthermore, teaming up with a proficient data selling company helps businesses save time and resources. It eliminates the need for B2B marketers to spend hours scanning search engines and trade directories for prospect details. Companies can focus on lead generation, nurturing, and conversions with a ready-to-pursue contacts list

Wading through the Maze of Data Selling Companies in Singapore:

As the Singaporean B2B industry is getting increasingly data-savvy, the number of data-selling companies has increased manifold. Finding the way in this maze and liaising with the correct B2B database provider can be challenging. Firstly, businesses should ensure that the prospective vendor understands their specific sales and marketing requirements. These vendors need the required domain/niche knowledge, experience, flexibility, scalability, quality, and affordability. Additionally, they should have the required expertise to leverage the data to yield crucial insights.

Before approaching prospective data sellers, businesses should also review the existing requirements and assess upcoming trends for the foreseeable future. Lastly, and most importantly, it is equally important to evaluate the database quality, accuracy, viability, compliance, and updates

Factors to Help in Choosing the Best B2B Database Provider

As discussed above, numerous factors determine the ultimate choice of data vendor. These can be enlisted as follows:

Database Quality should be the Primary Focus:

Whether businesses are looking for a B2B contacts list for telesales services or email marketing, data accuracy is crucial. Marketing data is usually dynamic and decays relatively rapidly, i.e., it is advisable never to trust a data vendor that promises 100% data accuracy. The right service provider will always paint a realistic picture. Companies can also seek a free trial and conduct systematic random checks for inaccuracies, incomplete fields, or outdated data.

Ask Potential Data Selling Companies about Customization Options:

Specifying the target audience and marketing channels is necessary for database vendors to respond with their customization options. Steer clear of generic, non-customized, or a highly-circulated database, even if it is available cheap. Some data providers specialize in telesales services contacts lists, while others are known for digital marketing databases. The right fit completely depends on the marketing agenda and business priorities at that point. 

Check on the Contractual Obligations and Guarantees Provided:

There is a deliverability guarantee provided by all reputed data selling companies in Singapore. Never purchase a database without proper documentation that specifies all the terms and conditions, especially on database quality, updates, and legalities. Important clauses that must be documented include data compilation sources and validation methods, update frequency, database volume, and coverage spectrum. Furthermore, compulsory data fields and attributes, legal sourcing, privacy compliance, and the guaranteed delivery percentage should be specified. 

Make a Comparative Cost versus Quality Analysis:

After shortlisting a few suitable database sellers, study each of their cost structures with a comparative sheet. Of course, it is best to compare the total cost with the expected ROI, but businesses should also need to keep quality and contractual guarantees in mind. Assess how these will help the long-term business goals.

Adjudge the Support Services with a Free Trial:

Telesales services and data support services are often neglected by B2B businesses on the brink of purchasing a database. Always opt for a database provider with support services. This can be easily adjudged during a free trial. At the same time, don’t forget to check their client testimonial and reviews. Also, ask for case studies on how they have helped other B2B businesses achieve their sales targets.


A top-notch, customized database’s sheer volume and scale of marketing reach are unmatchable. In-house efforts to compile B2B contact details can never bring this level of market penetration in such a short span. Getting a suitable database coupled with robust data analytics can give valuable insights into customer preferences and upcoming market trends. This will help businesses gear up for sales and marketing challenges and acquire a distinct competitive edge. Most importantly, teaming up with the right B2B database provider will ensure the consistent generation of qualified leads. In the tumultuous post-Covid-19 economy, this is a sure-shot way of driving conversions and attaining higher sales figures.

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