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Diamond Cuts and Diamond Shapes: Differences, Types and importance

Many people confuse diamond cuts and shape to be the same thing. However, there is a big noticeable difference between the two. Diamonds are cut into shapes like round, heart, oval, etc., but the cut in each diamond can be different. Though diamonds’ quality is measured by the 4Cs of Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight, it is mostly because of the cut that determines the price diamond wholesale.

This is because it takes a lot of skill to cut the rough diamond well. If the diamond’s cut is not upto the mark, you cannot expect it to shine the way you would, even though you have a diamond cut in the way you want diamond wholesale.

Types of Cuts

It isn’t the contour shape of the diamond that matters, the way it is cut in that shape is what dictates its shine, glow, and ability to disperse light. Diamond cutting requires years of experience and skills; skilled artisans require a lot of know-how and patience for cutting the diamond in its desired shape. In fact, from rough stones to final polished diamonds, the diamond changes hands (from the miners, diamond wholesale, etc.) and is subject to various manufacturing steps ( diamond cutters and polishers, to name a few) to get you the shine you loved. Let’s see various shapes diamonds cuts used for jewelry.

Round Brilliant Diamond Cut-

Almost two-thirds of the diamonds sold worldwide are round diamonds. These diamonds have 58 angular facets that reflect light well and enhance the diamond’s sparkle.

Princess Diamond Cut- Second in popularity after the round diamond, these are inverted pyramid-shaped diamonds.These square-shaped princess-cut diamonds give you a better brilliance and fire than most other diamond cuts.

Emerald Diamond Cut- Using the same technique used to cut emeralds, this aptly named diamond cut is known to offer better reflections through its steps or long straight lines. Emerald diamonds have a depth that is noticeable from quite a distance.

Cushion Diamond Cut-

Popular with those wanting vintage-style jewelry, cushion diamonds have great clarity and brilliance due to their larger facets and rounded corners. Also called pillow cut diamonds, these diamonds are available in square and rectangular shapes.

Radiant Diamond Cut– Similar to cushion cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds have trimmed corners and straight lines that give a unique look. For a regal look, many jewelers pair these diamonds with round or square diamonds.

Asscher Diamond Cut- Invented by the Asscher brothers in 1902, this diamond shape has trimmed corners giving it a dose of style and flexibility. Light reflects through square facets that form underneath the table. Its deep pavilion and the precision required for making it makes it a rare and expensive cut.

Pear Diamond Cut-

This combines the magic of round brilliant diamonds and marquise cut diamonds to form an elegant diamond shape that looks like a teardrop. When cut perfectly symmetrical, these diamonds give maximum brilliance. Do check for this though.

Oval Diamond Cut- A combination of the round and pair cut, these diamonds have 58 facets giving them an elegant look and an impression of a longer finger when used in an engagement ring. You will find oval diamonds cheaper than round ones. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Heart diamond Cut-

These diamonds are a favorite amongst love-struck men who’d want to gift their loved ones something special. You can add them to rings, pendants and earrings. You can use heart-shaped diamonds for a unique look that’ll turn heads wherever she goes

Marquise Diamond Cut- This ‘football’ shaped diamond looks great on a ring or bracelet. In fact, jewelers recommend this diamond cut for those who want their fingers to look longer. A perfectly-cut marquise diamond should have both pointing ends aligned together.

Summing Up

People are well aware of round diamonds as they are the most popular. However, many do not know that their neighborhood jewelry store in Dallas or elsewhere stateside could help you stand out with a diamond cut that’s surely going to impress her.

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