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Don’t Fall for in the Traps of Counterfeit Sellers

People from India generally have a misconception about plywood quality. They often go by the brand name and believe that relevant brands offer the finest products in terms of quality. However, such is not the case. The issue with counterfeit sellers is that they often run out of manpower or materials to manufacture the final goods that are processed in-house. Thus, a large amount of plywood ends up being manufactured in smaller factories that are based out of India which, in turn, results in the overall degradation of the final product.

Therefore, the overall quality of the plywood you purchase is significantly compromised. Counterfeit sellers use effective marketing strategies to hype up their product demand which also boosts the price at which these products are quoted. The authenticity of Plywood can now be effectively scrutinized with the assistance of the CenturyPromise application.

In order to avoid such issues, individuals must make sure to incorporate certain standards to ensure that the plywood purchased is of the finest quality. Some of these standards have been listed below:

  1. Select the product as per its use

Knowing the place where a specific plywood will be used will help you to select the perfect product as per the quality required. For instance, specialized MR or Industrial grade plywood can be utilized for furnishing dry areas of a residential apartment.

However, if you wish to purchase plywood for the Kitchen or Bathroom then it is wiser to opt for waterproof plywood that will be susceptible to damages caused by water. Making smart purchase decisions can help you to locate top-quality ply.

  1. Be sure to purchase products from a reputed supplier or distributor

Purchasing plywood from suppliers that list bulk products is comparatively cheaper when compared to reputed stores. However, there are other benefits of working with established plywood brands. The primary advantage is that a wide range of plywood can be purchased from these companies.

Thus, it becomes easier to test plywood quality while collaborating with such brands. Another essential benefit of working with these plywood dealers is that different types of plywood can be purchased at diverse pricing points. You can avail possible solutions as per your independent needs and requirements.

  1. Examine the plywood from the outside

People can check for plywood quality by downloading the CenturyPromise application from the comfort of their homes. The following standards must be incorporated to evaluate the performance of plywood if you wish to check plywood quality by visiting physical stores.

  • Determine whether the concerned plywood possesses a wooden facing overlay.
  • Make sure the plywood floor is smooth and does not possess any bends.
  • Inspect the edges of the plywood for film thickness.
  • Lift the plywood through one edge to test its weight. Thickness is always higher in massive plywood.
  • Examine the rear end to ensure that the inner layers are evident as parallel lines with really no inner cracks or overlap.
  • Consistently hit the plywood’s centre to make sure that it is not empty.
  1. Request a tiny piece of plywood that has been cut to size

You can tell if a block of plywood is full-core full-panel by looking at a tiny cut portion of it. This tiny sliced piece may easily recognize which timber core was utilised to make this plywood.

Hardwood is possibly the most ancient of all building material. Perhaps it is not an overstatement to say that the construction process began with wood itself. It has resurfaced as significant and artistically significant in today’s world. The timber material is frequently used as a key raw material for the construction of buildings, and also in the decorating of homes and businesses, woodworks for commercial ships, internal and exterior walls, hardwood floor systems, wall coverings, and other applications. Therefore use the CenturyPromise App to get authentic plywood delivered to your doorstep.

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