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Eyefinity EHR Features

The latest Eyefinity EHR update enables you to batch archive faxes. The feature allows you to send a face sheet to patients. The face sheet is automatically included after the HIPAA cover sheet and summary. This feature is also accessible on the iPad app. To enable the patient portal, administrators can log in as an administrator and select Auto Enable Patient Portal. Listed below are a few of Infinity EHR’s features.

Image Management

One of the most valuable features of Eyefinity EHR is the integrated image management function. Images can pull from a slit lamp camera and automatically attached to the patient’s chart. Images can also be magnified and annotations can be drawn on them. This feature allows for more efficient care. In addition to image management, Eyefinity EHR offers a wide array of other features. Below are three features that make this EHR system stand out among the others.

Image Management provides several tools for reviewing and presenting diagnostic images. Users can share side-by-side comparisons, review changes over time, or share images via iPad. The tool also explains the various ways in which images can be displayed, such as full screen display, which allows a clinician to get a closer look at the image. Another great feature is the ability to assign insurance codes to individual images, which can help to reduce coding errors.

OU visual acuity displays on the Final Rx

OU visual acuity is a common diagnostic term used to describe nearsightedness or farsightedness. In Eyefinity EHR, the distance VA and near VA can be entered in a single step. Then, copy the OD and OS and repeat Steps 1-2 for the other. Once the final Rx created, enter the PD and distance VA.

Automated workflow based on proper documentation

An automated workflow based on proper documentation in EyefinityEHR automates the billing and coding process. The EHR learns what normal procedures are for a given diagnosis and builds a claim based on the information it has received from the clinical staff. It then calculates the MDM automatically. You can use your professional judgment, rather than having to rewrite the same notes over.

Eyefinity is an EHR and Practice Management software platform that integrates with patient portals, labs, and several diagnostic equipment systems. It also simplifies administrative operations and billing. It also offers an integrated cloud-based image management system. This way, clinicians can access diagnostic images with ease. The Eyefinity EHR software offers a full suite of business solutions, including assistance with the purchase of medical supplies, lab results ordering, and patient management.

Secure access to online patient records

The Eyefinity EHR allows patients to secure access to their online patient records. Patients can log into the Eyefinity EHR on any computer by visiting the patient portal. They can also add a representative to the Eyefinity EHR and count their visits towards their PI. To secure access, patients must register and receive an account name and password.

The Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record that integrates with the Practice Management system. It offers secure patient information and one-minute exam notes. The Eyefinity EHR also features a mobile app that allows users to check their patient records from any type of device. Moreover, eye care providers and patients can securely exchange images. These features enable better communication between the doctor and patients. Check out other EHR Systems that can benefits your medical practice

Integration with diagnostic device manufacturers

The Eyefinity EHR offers an integrated approach to managing patient records. With the ability to connect to a vast variety of diagnostic devices, it makes it easier for optometrists to track patient health data. This cloud-based eye care management system is pinch and zoom-compatible, and its intuitive user interface allows doctors to complete their documentation with minimal typing. Eyefinity also supports several practice locations, cloud-based documenting, and built-in data backup.

Eyefinity EHR is an ophthalmic practice management solution that includes a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR). A native iPad app uses the iPad’s built-in functionality to provide patients with patient information and send prescriptions electronically. Additionally, doctors can easily pull patient medication lists and check for formulary coverage. Eyefinity image management feature offers a centralized location for analyzing patient images from most diagnostic devices.

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