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What Are the Best Toys for 3 Year Old?

Toys for 3 year olds are my favorite age when it comes to selection! Because they are the right age to be open to playing with anything you give them and they are extremely curious about their world!

Children this age are constantly on the move. They will refuse to sit most of the time. I can recommend giving him “action toys” like bubble lawn mowers and even riding toys. For indoor game are a great way to explore the world.

Keep your child’s interests in mind while encouraging them to broaden their horizons. Children learn by playing. It is through play that they will develop their motor skills, their social skills, their literacy and their understanding of mathematics. You really can’t go wrong decision what you select.

A three-year-old child is fascinated by new things and begins to better understand how toys work. Their attention span increases and they spend more time on activities. Here is a list of some toys for 3 year olds that are best suited:

  • Puzzle tower
  • Flowers and bee
  • Sequencing train
  • Bird shadows

And you can start buying them toys that have small parts since they have (or soon) stopped putting everything in their mouths! A few must-have toys for 3 year olds, in my opinion:


Blocks teach so many concepts to children. Spatial awareness, shapes, colors, early geometric concepts and fine motor skills (especially important for boys who develop fine motor skills more slowly than their female counterparts)

A game ball.

It keeps them active and moving, develops gross motor skills (especially important for girls) and also helps them develop social skills as the balls are usually played with other people.


Again, fine motor skills, as well as logic and sequencing. Depending on your skill, you may want to start with an easier piece count like 24, but progress to a more difficult number like 48 or even 100 pieces as your skills improve.

A doll or stuffed animal.

It can be a comforting toy, but it helps them in pretend play where early social skills are practiced.

Art supplies!

Paint (if you’re brave), markers, crayons, and lots of paper. Coloring books are fine, but they don’t encourage the same kind of creativity as blank paper, or even some sort of activity that completes the picture. They do their best with knowledgeable advice from careers, like “paint a picture of your favorite dish!”

Three-year-olds play best when they get adult attention, so be prepared to interact with the toy you choose for them!

How important is buying toys for children?

I grew up without toys. No one bought me toys and that was not unusual at the time. A plastic doll slipped into our house and I played with it a lot, for hours. I remember once I went to a fancy toy store when I was 4 and was mesmerized by those toys. It was like a fabulous dream that he couldn’t understand. Of course, I never asked for them. My brother and I play with mud, stones and sticks. My kids got the toys they wanted. I don’t think toys are mandatory. Your child will always get a way to play.

Final Word!

Many, many books! Reading to children is extremely important! Also, let them “read” you by looking at the pictures and telling them a story. This helps tremendously with language and literacy development.

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