Factors to Consider and Avoid During AC Installation 

You may not be aware, but the air conditioner must be positioned on your home’s strongest wall. If you believe that your house is somewhat frail and the walls are not very solid, you may want to investigate purchasing a new air conditioner. A split indoor air conditioner will weigh around 13 kg, and it will undoubtedly need a sturdy wall mounted air conditioning unit installation where four bolts will suffice to hang the device. Therefore, you should consider hard before purchasing a new one and carefully choose your wall!

The Wall’s Stability

Air conditioners provide relief from the intense summer heat, as well as comfort and convenience. A brand-new air conditioning unit will always offer enough cooling while also being energy efficient. However, in addition to the size, energy rating, and other characteristics of the air conditioner, its installation also affects its efficiency.

The following are some installation recommendations that you should consider and keep in mind while installing your air conditioner.

The Wall Spacing 

You may be unaware, but you must provide adequate space for the air conditioner to breathe as well as circulate the air around the room! The wall area should be uniform and around 15 cm in height, and the space should be open. You’ll need to find a wall from which the air conditioner can circulate the air freely. As a result, pick the location first and then get an air conditioner.

System of Tilt Angles

When attempting to install the air conditioner, you must ensure that the angles are screwed together and slightly angled toward the pipe. If you want to install a new air conditioner, you must employ an expert. In general, ducted air conditioning installation costs are not too expensive, and you won’t have to think too hard! The angle installation method is the finest since it ensures that water drains freely through the pipe. Thus, there will be no such dripping of water!


You’re probably wondering about the link between the air conditioner and its placement; well, the air conditioner’s life is mostly determined by its position. You will need to position your indoor system in an area that is completely dark. You may not be aware, but a little amount of light may really do harm to your system. On the other side, you’ll need to put the outdoor system at a location that keeps the machine out of direct sunlight. Occasionally, low heat might harm the machine, and you will need to maintain it.

Locations Where You Should Not Install Your Air Conditioner

Avoid the Warmest Areas of the House

Installing an air conditioner in the hottest areas of the home or yard is a no-no and must be avoided at all costs. Placing an air conditioner in the warmest sections of your home may make sense to some, but this is when your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep the inside cool.

In exchange, you will be responsible for a slew of additional bills such as your power bill. 

Avoid Concealing the Air Conditioner

Placing your AC unit in a shaded spot throughout the air conditioner installation procedure does not imply concealing it behind sofas, plants, or anything else that can obstruct the air conditioner’s correct operation. Hiding the air conditioner might have a detrimental effect on ventilation. When you’re outdoors, the coils may quickly get clogged with leaves and twigs. As a result, you cannot avoid concealing the unit.

No installation in the Vicinity of a Fire Hazard

This is the most critical point to remember throughout the air conditioner installation procedure in your home. It is always prudent to exercise caution in unfamiliar territory.  This might be the most perilous situation for you and your home, and hence you must constantly exercise caution.

Avoid Installing Near the Garbage Can

Another aggravating issue that might occur during the air conditioner installation procedure is when the AC is installed near the garbage can in your home. This would give your place an unpleasant odour. An air conditioner takes a significant amount of area to function efficiently in terms of breathing and filtering the air.

Additionally, air conditioners draw air from their immediate surroundings. As a result, if you locate your AC unit near a garbage can, you will never be able to enjoy the pleasant air since the air may become odorous. Avoid sharing circuits during the air conditioner installation procedure, since air conditioners often use a lot of electricity. Locate a new location for your AC and always use caution while putting the AC unit in various locations around your home.


When an air conditioner is not placed correctly, you may be dissatisfied with the coolness produced by it. Be it residential or commercial air conditioning installation, hiring a reputable and experienced air conditioner installation, repair, and wall mounted air conditioning unit installation maintenance company have several advantages. 

Whether you are buying Dakin air conditioning in London or some other brand, the licenced, certified, and experienced professionals ensure to properly install your air conditioner. 


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