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Feel the Warmth with Knitted Clothes :- Fabric lore

The Textile industry is very vast and there are unimaginable things in it. Knitting is one such thing that has come back from our grandparents. It is a process in which interloping of yarns is done. It is a little bit different from woven fabric, it is flexible and can be easily done into small pieces of fabric. Like socks, hats, or hairbands. There are various methods in which fabric knitting can be done.

Broadly there are two types of knitting methods:

Weft knitting

It is a method in which the loops are made in the horizontal direction with a single yarn, and each row of loops builds upon one another. The fabric formed by this is very flexible, with great elasticity, comfortable, and warm. The fabric may differ from one another, as the selection of the yarn matters a lot. 

Weft knitting is further classified into:

Single jersey knit fabric

It is the simplest and the most economical weft knitted fabric to produce. Its Stretchability is good and it can be recognized by the V-shaped looped appearance. However it has poor stability, it shrinks or loosens up, highly used for t-shirts, tops, hosiery, and many more.

Double jersey knit fabric (or Rib)

This is made by an alternate purl stitch with two sets of needles. It has a vertical appearance making it twice as thick as plain knit with greater stability. In addition, it can be made in both flat or round ways, it is used for making the neckline of sweaters. Some variations of this are cardigan, Milano, cable fabric, and many more.

Purl knit fabric

It gives a 3d dimension to a fabric, by reversing the knitted loops in an alternative course, as it can be only achieved with the help of a double-ended latch needle. The thickness of the fabric is double that of the single jersey. It is not used as often as any other fabric as it straightens out easily. In addition, they are used in knitwear, hosiery, knit dresses, etc.

Interlock knit fabric

It is a type of double-layered knit structure, done by alternate knit and purl stitch. But, it has a resemblance with that of jersey and all types of knitting. Notably, it has the capacity to stretch in length rather than in width. It has greater dimensional stability than the single jersey. As its looping structure is a bit complex, it traps the air and keeps you warm. Mostly it is used in sweatshirts, table mats, etc.  


Wrap knitting

In this method, loops are made in the vertical direction. A needle is required for each yarn, and hence it creates a Crisscross appearance that feels softer than weft knitted fabric. Although it has less elasticity than weft knitting, still it is the most preferred. The fabric made out of it is also soft, it has a good drape, and is warm to wear. Many different types of yarn can be processed like a staple, carded, filament, and combed, they are not possible with weft knitting. 

Wrap knitting is also of various types:

Tricot knit

It is made using a single set of needles and yarn. Fine, long threads are smooth in texture and provide a dense stitch. Its characteristics are crease-resistant, good drape, and airy. Usually used for lingerie, nightwear, dresses, and many others. 

Rachel knit

Commonly, made from a single set of needles and spun yarns. When turned into an outfit, it is stable as well as stretchy, single-faced, or reversible. They are easily identified by their diverse patterns of designs. Almost any garment can be made with this, moreover, with the help of a Rachel machine lightweight lace to heavyweight chenille can be done. The machines can do both flat and tubular wrap knits.  

Milanese knit

This is done by two sets of yarns knitted together diagonally. On the front, it has a fine vertical structure and at the back diagonal structures are there. It is mostly used for gloves as they are light in weight and with a smooth drape. 

Knits give the fabric a different pattern and structure, and even if you don’t accessorize with it, you will look fabulous. This winter adds some knitted clothes to your wardrobe, by purchasing fabric from Fabric lore. It is a place where you can find various patterns and colors, all of high quality. It is the leading Fabric Manufacturer in India, also serving in the USA, UK, and Canada. Whenever you buy a piece of fabric, you want it to last long, and we will fulfill your dream by giving you sustainable and durable fabrics. We give wholesale fabric as well as retail at a reasonable cost.   

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