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Get your freestanding bathtub now!

Bathtubs are a necessary part of a contemporary bathroom. They used to be supported by being fastened to the wall back in the day. However, a freestanding bathtub is gaining popularity due to changes in lifestyle and manufacturing techniques. They signify standing by themselves and being unattached to a wall, as their name would imply. Other words for them include standalone bathtubs.

Benefits of freestanding bathtubs

They are finished on both sides, as opposed to alcove tubs. Freestanding bathtubs can be purchased years after a bathroom has been built and removed as needed because they are not fixed to a wall. It allows people the freedom to design the space as per their choice.

A deeper tub may provide a more comfortable soaking experience; it is a luxury amenity that doesn’t have to be expensive. You have a range of options when it comes to design and construction.

Ease in setting up

A standalone tub should be simple to install in one of your bathrooms by your neighborhood plumber. To accomplish this, the freestanding tub faucet, shower/tub combo, drain, and sink in the bathroom must all be fixed. If your bathroom makeover goes smoothly, you must provide the plumber with specific instructions regarding the design, measurements, and colour scheme you have in mind for your new bathroom.

Simply put in words, it appears fantastic.

Your freestanding tub-equipped bathroom is essential to creating your design statement and leaving a good first impression on visitors. A standalone bathtub is a fantastic way to make your bathroom look more wealthy and sophisticated.

The room is elevated by adding a traditional clawfoot tub or something opulent like a rich bronze tub finish. Your bathroom’s tub will look fantastic if you choose expensive colours like royal blue, dark grey, black, pure orange, and blood red.

Increase in value at sale

Your bathroom’s modern freestanding tub will increase the value of your house. Potential purchasers will strongly perceive its elegance if you consider your home’s majestic appearance, exceptional craftsmanship, alluring design, and rich colour palette.

To put it another way, having a house made entirely of marble and granite is equivalent to having a bathtub in your bathroom. Because they significantly increase a home’s value when it is time to sell, now is an excellent time to install one.

Things to consider while buying Standalone Bathtubs

Spending limit:

Look for bathtubs that are within your means. Simple and minimalist bathtubs are less expensive. Because they are in such high demand among the wealthy, vintage and antique bathtubs are costly.

Bathroom dimensions:

Always take measurements of the room where the bathtub will go. Buying a tub without knowing what kind is best suited is useless. For instance, corner bathtubs are ideal for small bathrooms because they don’t take up much room. Bathtubs with showers can be fitted in bathrooms with plenty of space. A separate area from the rest of the bathroom is needed for such baths.

Weight of the bathtub:

It is preferable to opt for lightweight bathtubs if one is not looking for a permanent placement for the tub. They allow you to alter the bathroom’s decor because they are simple to relocate from one location to another. The floor of the restroom is another factor. Heavy objects like marble may damage a sensitive floor. So, before making a purchase, each of these variables needs to be thoroughly considered.

Varieties to choose from

You can pick a freestanding tub that matches the aesthetic of your bathroom because they come in various hues and designs. You can choose a pedestal-style type if you want to raise your tub off the ground. A pair of clawfoot double slippers might go well with an antique or vintage-inspired motif regarding footwear.

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