Have Fun With the Archery Game Online

The archery game is played with the help of arrows and bows! Now, the game has been made available online, and people are having fun with it throughout. In historic times, people used to engage in this game and played it with their friends. Now that the archery game has evolved as a major sport and is played in Olympics, why not online? 

Online archery games have been made available on the Dangal games and other real money earning games. The user aims to shoot the moving bull’s eye, which helps in the collection of points. There is a circular board in the target that the user has to aim for. There are ten different rings on the board. The highest score that the user can have is 10, and the minimum would be 1, which is the lowest. 

Download the app, make your account and start playing any of your favourite casual games like archery, rummy, call break game or fantasy sports. There are many options for you to enjoy and earn real money from them. 


If you talk about the archery game online, there are varieties in it. The archer uses a stringed bow to move toward the target. There would be a circular board on which the user has to shoot the arrow. We all know that there is a target in the archery game, and there is an arrow with which you have to shoot the target. 


You can visit the official website of Dangal games and download the app with the link, you have to enter your phone number to receive the OTP and then log in to the account. 

You can make your account and sign-up to get the sign-up bonus at the start. Get started with online games and make big real money amounts with them. 

Then after you download the app, search for the archery game and get started with it. You can win some amazing awards with the game. Win big with the game by aiming your target clearly. 


The Dangal games app caters to our newbies for the tips and strategies to help them win in the archery game online. As a beginner, you should know some of the tips and tricks that can help you win the game. 

  • You have to focus on your aim, and make a clear target to hit. Make your concentration directly on the board so that you don’t lose it. Don’t make any slight mistake that can cost you the whole game. 
  • Don’t get the game into a hurry! You have more time than you are thinking. Just do not focus on the timer and instead focus on the target. That will help you more in the game. 
  • Play more practice matches as it can make you win more and more matches. You get comfortable with the game after a while. So, get into the game with your whole mind.

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