How Is Data Visualization Used in Marketing?

Data visualization is a powerful tool for communication, and nobody can underestimate it. But it can perform one more business-critical duty of persuading people. As of now, many marketers already employ data visualization in their marketing efforts. We will investigate how to use data visualization to improve your marketing efforts. 

Impactful Storytelling with Data Visualization in Marketing

Data visualization is ideal for telling stories in your ads, on your about page, and under your tagline. After all, this process allows you to embed actual data as a strong foundation of your storytelling. 

Besides, your story does not need a lot of texts, tables, or equations to stimulate a strong response from the customers. Data visualization solutions make it possible to build an alternate reality using the dataset as the backbone of your visual design assets. 

The Process and Benefits of Integrating Storytelling with Data

You want to create a narrative resonating with your ideal client persona. Of course, you must use characters, settings, and plots to craft meaning appropriate to your brand values, which will form a positive brand association in the consumer’s mental plane. 

The best part is the complete sublimation of disbelief, doubts, and skepticism from the consumer’s mind. This advantage of storytelling with visualized data is vital in marketing analytics consulting. 

Want a higher lead conversion rate? Tell a story with visualized data authentically highlighting your brand values and service features. You can even promote wearable tech, 3D graphs, or virtual reality events to immerse the customers in your storytelling. 

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Data Visualization in Marketing Solidifies Brand Memory

We, humans, love forgetting what we consume and what we hear as our brains are the laziest or most efficient natural computers on Earth. 

For example, banner blindness is an auto-learned user habit when browsing the web. If you use the internet long enough, you learn to ignore every banner. 

Yes, many of your online marketing campaigns get less user attention. Also, almost all ad banners are templates. i.e., you are not the only company using that ad format. Your business rivals might be using these default ad formats. 

Experts inmarketing analytics consulting firms help you plan contextual content. This type of visualized content increases user engagement. Of course, only real user engagement creates a long-lasting brand image in the customer’s mind.  

Visualization Solutions Simplify the Complex Features

Data visualization is used in marketing to simplify the explanation of complex concepts. Maybe, your ideal clients want to buy a house. Are they trying to learn a coding language that you can teach them? 

You can educate your potential customers using data visualization solutions. Going forward, they will prefer your products and services till the end of the universe. 

Ultimately, humans love using the knowledge they already have. Your business teaches them how to use complex tools using friendly graphics. As such, they are familiar with your products/services. 

Also, nobody wants to buy three different tools to do the same job. So, your offerings become their go-to option. 

Infographics Visualization – the Ultimate Persuasive Marketing

Finally, you must learn the best way of using data visualization in marketing, known as infographics. An infographic can be as good as word-of-mouth marketing. 

However, three principles of infographics can make or break your marketing success rate. Marketing analytics consulting firms mention these ethical design ideas below. 

  1. The mathematical integrity between the data visualization infographic and your dataset. 
  2. Clearly labeled essential items/data points in your infographics. 
  3. The time it takes for someone to understand your infographic. 

Note that mathematical integrity includes the logic behind the arrangement of data visualization assets. If you deliberately manipulate some visualized data, someone will find it. Such a mathematical or logical mistake harms consumer trust and brand reputation. 


Do you know the theories of declining attention span and 2 seconds page loading time? Combine it with banner blindness discussed above to realize a simple truth. 

No business can hope to survive in client conscience without upgrading its marketing methods. 

Data visualization keeps evolving with virtual reality, live data animations, and wearable gadgets. So, your business must not miss these developments. Note that visualized data creates a long-term brand in your consumer’s minds amid this noisy era of information tsunami. 

A leader in data visualization solutions, SG Analytics, helps multi-national enterprises reinforce their brand development and marketing efforts. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your datasets with our thoroughly streamlined visualizations. 

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