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Hiring The Right WordPress Developer

Who Is A WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer specializes in developing the infrastructure of the WordPress platform. They work on improving the WordPress software or creating new themes and plugins. WordPress developers also assist clients with creating, managing, and customizing a WordPress site. 

What Does a WordPress Developer Do? 

A WordPress developer is responsible for developing the front-end and back-end of a WordPress site. For this, the developers produce themes and plugins for the website. Furthermore, a WordPress developer can be hired to build a sitemap or wireframes for different websites and redesign the website to optimize it for SEO purposes. 

Why Do You Need a WordPress Developer?

To Meet Your Needs

A WordPress developer is a professional who designs your website efficiently without disrupting anything. On the other hand, if you decide to go all by yourself without taking the services of a WordPress developer, you can ruin themes and whatnot with the risk of tweaking more than needed. A professional WordPress developer is an expert in many coding languages for creating themes and plugins on WordPress. Furthermore, your developer can also create your website from scratch as envisioned. 

Optimize your Website 

Multiple SEO techniques are necessary to optimize your website for search engines to rank your website higher. There’s one “on-page technique” which includes specific keywords in your content. This benefits the website to be found when searched quickly. 

There’s one more technique through which developers optimize your website, and it’s called “Technical SEO” this is necessary to optimize your website’s architecture and structure so that it will work faster. Websites that are slow and not optimized get penalties and are usually taken down. But, a WordPress developer will optimize your website by making sure of your website’s back-end activity. 

User Experience 

One of the many advantages of hiring a WordPress developer is that they provide the service of creating your website from scratch. This way, you can have a website that is user-friendly and easy to understand. This is necessary for a website because it engages the visitors and encourages them to revisit your site. To suffice, a WordPress developer with expertise improves your website’s ability and the user experience. 

Data Security and Privacy 

There are people out there who prey on vulnerable sites and steal customers’ valuable data. Cyberattacks have been proven to be disastrous, especially for medium-scale businesses. According to a study, cyberattacks happen every 39 seconds. A professional web design and development company provides you with a WordPress developer who saves your website by securing your website’s privacy and your customer’s data. The users favor a secure website as everybody wants their privacy to be respected. 

Web Analytics

Knowing how well your website is performing on the web is of utmost importance. You have to analyze the results and, according to them, update your website. A WordPress developer, through data analytics, informs you about your website’s conversion rates and how you can improve them. Thus, an expert WordPress developer will help you generate more revenue from your website. 

Now that you have complete knowledge of what a WordPress developer does and why you need to hire one, we will move to the next stage and discuss how to find and hire the best WordPress developer for your job.  

How To Hire A WordPress Developer?

Now we will discuss why you need WordPress development services

Assess your need

It’s preferable to assess your need to hire a WordPress developer before hiring one. If you’re looking only to promote your brand, then a pre-built WordPress theme will cover your needs, and you don’t have to hire a WordPress developer. But, if you’re looking to use your website for selling products, you will need a WordPress developer to design your website because you need your website to be optimized and efficient.

Don’t Underpay Them

If you find a good WordPress developer who is well-versed and experienced, don’t lose them by trying to underpay them. Quality comes at a price, and proficient developers are costly but reasonable. It is a one-time investment anyway. You invest in a WordPress developer who invests his expertise in your website and enjoys the revenue generated from your website. 

Project Brief

Suppose you are dealing with a professional WordPress developer. It would be best if you had your project brief ready. A project brief consists of a document that details everything a WordPress developer needs to know about your website construction. 

Your brief should include:

  • Your project’s scope
  • Your journey
  • Current designs
  • Your brand message
  • Payment procedure

Flat Rate Instead Of Hourly Rate

If you’re operating a small business, you’re likely working with a tight budget. Considering your tight budget, we recommend you opt for flat rates instead of hourly ones. Flat rates save you from the budget you cannot afford, and the payment remains the same in all cases, which is not the case with the hourly rates.  

Do a Background Check

If you’re hiring a WordPress developer, it is recommended to do a background check on your developer. A professional developer will have a website of his own where he showcases his talents and expertise. You can visit the website and evaluate whether the particular developer is up to your mark or not. Moreover, the Project brief also comes in usage here as it serves as the guide which helps you to select the suitable developer. 

Review The Developer’s Online Portfolio

A proficient and authentic WordPress developer would have a portfolio online where he showcases his projects. Some developer posts their case studies and testimonials, which help you to assess them. If none of these is present on a developer’s website, it hints that the individual is inexperienced and wouldn’t be able to meet your needs. 

It would help to consider multiple things while reviewing a developer’s case studies. 

  • Does or does not the developer delivers as it says on his portfolio?
  • How easy is it to understand and navigate?
  •  What changes would you want in it?
  • What are the things you like about it?

Furthermore, we recommend you contact the developer in person and ask questions that concern you. Moreover, you can go one step further and talk to the developer’s previous clients and ask them about their experience. You can also enquire them about their work ethic and procedure on WordPress.  

Read Testimonials 

Review testimonials of any individual you are looking to hire or seeking services. Testimonials are people’s reviews of their experiences. They are authentic and tell you whether the developer you are seeking is of any reputation or not. 

Interview Them 

Now that you have followed all the steps, you must have short-listed some WordPress developers. We will advise you to interview them. Interviews are an excellent way to judge people, and you can also be sure of your decision. Interviews tell you about the people’s body language, and body language says a lot about the person’s character. As you conduct the interview, focus on the interviewee’s eye contact, hand movement, voice tone, and facial expression. They are important because if their nonverbal communication contradicts what they are saying, it’s likely that they are not being 100% honest. 

Test Them 

If you are close to hiring a WordPress developer, take them for a test. Ask them to carry out a specific task for you and then evaluate them based on their performance. You can witness the quality of work they will offer you and what type of tasks they can carry out. 


The last stage in this hiring process is an agreement with your developer. Usually, it’s the WordPress developer who writes the agreement. So, you must ensure that everything’s as it is, as you have discussed. Furthermore, You have to get the WordPress developer in confidence to respect your intellectual property. 


WordPress is the software that is very much in demand in the market. It becomes necessary in the construction of the website’s themes and plugins. Hiring a WordPress developer is a tricky part that we have discussed in detail in our article. You have to invest your time and energy in finding an expert WordPress developer and then hiring one. The steps we have discussed and shared with you in our article will serve as a road map for you and guide you through your quest. 

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