How to Assist Your Kid’s Math Skills With Abacus

What is Abacus? 

Math and numbers may be taught in a variety of methods to children. Some are entertaining and exhilarating, while others are just dull. As far back as 2700–2300 BC, the abacus was used to do calculations. Merchants and traders in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere have been using it for millennia. It’s also an excellent way to teach youngsters how to count and do mental arithmetic To make learning engaging and entertaining, it has bright beads that reinforce ideas via the child’s touch.

How Do You Teach Counting Using an Abacus?

Because the abacus is so versatile, it may be used to teach elementary arithmetic, such as counting and adding, as well more sophisticated operations like multiplication or division. You may even use it to discover the square and cube roots of fractions. You’ll find a variety of abacus-based teaching methods listed below.

Tips for teaching your kid to count with an abacus are provided below.

Matching Moves 

You may begin by rearranging all of the beads on each row in the same direction. One row of beads is moved to the opposite side by a certain amount of beads. Do the same with another row of beads, and have your child match your action mental arithmetic.

Counting Game 

Ask your child to count the beads after you’ve shifted two or three to one side of the row. In addition, you may have them determine how many beads are left in that particular row. When you use this method, your youngster will quickly master the art of counting.

Pointing Numbers 

You may play a different game by shouting out a number and ordering your youngster to display that number on the abacus at random. When she or she tells you a certain number, you do the same.

Using an Abacus to Teach Money

abacus education makes it simple to introduce students to the concept of money. Each bead may be valued at a penny, and a hundred beads can be equated to a dollar. Your youngster will find it much simpler to understand the concept of money if he or she can count five beads as a cent and ten beads as a dime.

How to Teach Multiplication using an Abacus mental arithmetic?

Using an abacus to teach multiplication isn’t as difficult as you would think. To assist your child grasp the concept of 3×5 =15, have him or she represents 3 on the abacus 5 times. This makes it easier for them to grasp the multiplication idea of 3×5=3+3+3+3+3=15.

Here are a few of the main advantages of abacus education.

  • Students’ abacus abilities are strengthened, and they can do calculations more quickly and precisely.
  • Abacus encourages a stress-free method of learning arithmetic ideas that foster self-confidence in the students.
  • It self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • It  mental arithmetic and faculties such as concentration and recall.
  • The  raises one’s capacity for problem-solving.
  • Learning to use an abacus not only improves one’s math skills but also improves one’s capacity for logical thinking.
  • In addition to helping students learn mental arithmetic, abacus programmes may also improve students’ focus levels.
  • It improves memory and inventiveness, which are both important for impromptu writing and reading.

That’s a Wrap 

Abacus is a wonderful way to guarantee that your youngster has no trouble learning place values. It is necessary to tell them that ten ones equals one ten, and so forth. This makes it easy for the youngster to grasp the notion of place value.

As your child gets older, you may expose him to the real abacus tool, which he can use to do any kind of computation, no matter how basic or difficult. They get to the point where they no longer use the instrument to do basic arithmetic computations. An abacus lesson would be ideal for your youngster to learn how to simply do all of his mathematical calculations with an abacus.

You’ve learned how to use an Abacus to help your kid breeze through math. It’s time to get an abacus for your youngster if you want him or her to flourish in mathematics and develop a passion for the topic. Math will be a piece of cake for your youngster now that they have this excellent instrument at their disposal.  If you are a busy parent then simply type “abacus classes near me” on the search engine and shortlist learning institutions for your kids in no time. 


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