How to draw Ash Grenada from Pokemon

How to draw Ash Grenada from Pokemon.

How to draw Ash Grenada from Pokemon with this video and step-by-step instructions. Pokemon drawings for beginners and kids. Also, read cool drawings

Step 1

Start by drawing an oval. This will then help you to sketch the head of Ash-Granja.

Step 2

Draw the second oval, already partially hidden. It forms the blade of the grenade wound.

Step 3

Wrap the irregular shape under the head. Wrap another small, irregular square shape underneath. Finally, close a curved, inverted triangle below the back shape.

Step 4

Add an irregular shape to the grenade box, and delete as needed. The shape should be like a semicircle downwards. Place another, smaller semicircle in it.

Step 5

If necessary, pull the arm of the grenade, clearing the lines. Use one pair of bends for the upper arm and the other for the forearm. Wrap the oval around the lower arm near the elbow. Tap the lower arm along the curved line. Then use the curved lines to close the irregularly shaped hand. Draw three circles on the top of the hand to point the finger. Draw two curved triangles on the back of the hand to represent the circumference between the fingers.

Step 6

Pull the other arm. Use curved lines to close the irregular shapes of the upper arm, forearm, and hand. With curved lines, draw a string between the fingers and draw a circle at the end of each finger.

Step 7

Attach two tears to the bottom of the torso to represent the upper legs of the grenadier. Wrap in an oval on each knuckle. Pull one foot to the side with curved lines to form round toes and claws on the back of the foot. Draw an inverted “Y” shape for the rest of the leg. Make the branches in a curved line and draw a circle on the tip of each foot.

Step 8

Sketch the top of the grenadier’s head, removing as needed. Draw a long, irregular diamond-like shape in the center of the face. Use curved lines to sketch the horny projection on each of their faces. Use small curved lines that meet at the spotted points.

Step 9

Facial details Draw a circle with a line to mark the eyelid for each eye. Draw two eggs in it, a shadow between them to represent the student. Draw a triangle in front of the eye and an electric bolt in the back. Draw four pairs of bends from the back of the grenade, allowing them to meet in soft spots.Attach two tears to the bottom of the torso to represent the upper legs of the grenadier Tap them with curved lines. Use a long, curved line to make a grenade launcher twice as long as itself.

Step 10

Ash-green color. It is blue with red, black, and white markings and a pink tongue.
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