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How to find mental peace in life

The question “how to find mental peace” has always been on the top when it comes to being relaxed mentally. Firstly, we need to understand that what kind of mental peace we are talking about?. The majority of people have this desire to have no problem in life ever. Basically, our question is wrong. I tell you how. Just rewind your life till now, how many plans you made or commitments you did to yourself or maybe to someone else and how many you actually fulfilled? maybe 2 or 3 out of 10. So, life never goes the way we want or we think, it’s always an unknown situation that comes to us and we deal with it.

In order to achieve mental peace, we should never pray to have no problems in life, obviously, problems will always be there till the time we are on this planet, we should always focus to be mentally strong. We should learn to deal with our emotions. More than 90% of the decisions in our life were made by the power of emotions. Once we start working on our mind then we automatically reach in the position where mental peace sustains for forever.

No one teaches us that how to be mentally strong or how to control our emotions maybe people also don’t even know this thing. People go out for the traveling at many places, yes traveling freshes our mind but not for permanent basis only for a temporary basis. Finding mental peace always confuses people because they don’t know what are the steps towards achieving their state of mind.

Few steps to find mental peace

1) Habits– Yes habits, your habits play a very important role to be mentally peaceful. Most people ignore this fact. They keep assuming to have some good changes in life, but their habits are still the same. Good habits always give you positive energy and keep you mentally strong and active as well. There is a beautiful quote and that is “to have something you never had you have to do something you never did”. Change always comes from inside not from outside.

2) SpiritualitySpirituality has a direct connection with mental peace. Mentally peaceful is the first aim of spirituality. Many people are being misguided by the name of spirituality because the condition of their minds is so bad that they just start following some guru or some fraud people in the greed to achieve mental peace in life. Seeing things as it is means spirituality. The problem is we all have already assumed a very different imagination about life on the basis of whatever we have heard, seen, or experienced and we have accepted it as a reality. That is the main root cause of our problem. Maybe reality is totally different from the way we have assumed in our minds.

3) Cold shower– Studies show that having a cold water shower in the morning reduces the level of anxiety and keeps you mentally calm. You must have experienced that we feel very light after having the cold water shower. We never focus on these steps because we are always distracted by the external world. These are basic steps in order to be mentally peaceful. Consume some sunlight after showering in the morning, it relaxes our nerves as well.

4) Reduce screen time– We all have become addicted to our phones or laptops. Scientific research says that long screen timing triggers our hormones which directly leads to an increase in the level of anxiety or frustration. Spending time on social media puts us into virtual reality which is totally different from actual reality. Virtual reality is also the main cause of disturbed mental peace. So, be real see things as it is, and then act.


We have discussed how to find mental peace in life. Follow all the mentioned steps practically and you will surely see the result. Keep mental health on the priority in life. No matter how hard the situations are try to control your emotions and act gracefully. Achieving mental peace is a long process, just be on this process and you will find peace.

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