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How to Fix MacBook Touch Bar Not Showing Issue

When it comes from Apple it has to be a great product, as the apple research team spends lots of time on their research before making any final product. When the Apple MacBook Pro touch bar model was released it was all over the internet and everyone was wondering what is that and how to use it. Even though there is Dell & HP convertible laptops with touch screens but they never got so much noticed as the apple touch bar it was very confusing when you see the first time and even many users whet to the Apple MacBook repair centre to ask the customer service team on how to use it. From the initial release, Apple did get backlash as few touch bars stop responding which was fixed with the macOS Big Sur update.

There are many reasons the touch bar can stop working or partially working the most common issue are can macOS update, incompatible macOS, malfunction of another application, water damage, etc basic issues can be fixed by the following information but in case of hardware issue or major issue with the logic board, you will need to contact apple repair centre only.

General Issue:

The most common issue on the touch bar is its hangs and freezes. If you feel it hangs randomly it can be just a small glitch to fix this you can try SMC and PRAM reset. It’s quite safe to do and you do not lose any data when you do it. Here is the simple way to do SMC reset Press and hold Shift, Control, and Option on the left side of the keyboard. At the same time, press the power button. Here is the step for PRAM Reset on any MacBook Shut down your computer and disconnect all USB devices —> Press the power button to turn on your Mac—>immediately press and hold the Option, Command, P, and R keys on your keyboard.

Here is how you can reset the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro:

Doing a reset on the touch bar will not harm anything it will only reset all the settings on the touch bar to default. This will be a little confusing if you have not seen “Terminal” before. Open the terminal by clicking on the Spoilt light search icon and type terminal and type the below command “sudo pkill TouchBarServer;” and “sudo killall “ControlStrip” you will need a password in order to do it if you do not have any password set you can just press enter key when it prompts you for the password. If the issue is with any software glitch the touch bar of the MacBook must start working.

Hardware issue:

If you see any crack or lines on the touch bar it can be a possible issue with hardware and you need to take to an apple repair centre or nearest MacBook pro repair in Mumbai where apple technicians will open the MacBook and separately check the damage on the touch bar which further can be replaced.

Logic Board:

If you see no scratch on the touch bar and if you are sure there is no liquid spilled on the touch bar then it can be a possible issue with the logic board. Because the touch bar is a strip that is connected to the logic board that the source from where it gets its power source and data is transmitted anyone supply stop or malfunction can cause the touch bar of mac to stop responding or malfunction a detail diagnose of logic board or touch bar can be the best option.

MacOS update:

Before giving it to the apple store make sure the macOS is updated. You can check for new updates by going to system preferences and app store as old macOS can make the touch bar freeze. If the touch bar is malfunctioning in a particular app such as premier pro then make sure that the app is compatible and updated to the latest version from the vendor website.

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