Important Things To Ask Before Booking Wedding Venue

Important Things To Ask Before Booking Wedding Venue

The most important task in hand while planning a wedding is to look for an ideal wedding venue. You can go about the process in two ways- in some cases when you know what you want and you want that venue only for your special day. In these cases, such venues hold emotional value and are already shortlisted even before the process of wedding planning starts. The other way of doing it is by shortlisting the most relevant venue options after deciding upon your budget.

However, you do it, the whole process of hunting and then finalising the right wedding venue depends on asking the right set of questions from the venue team. If you are eyeing some venues for your special day then you should have a set of questions that you should keep in mind while meeting the venue managers. If you are not sure about the venue and just started with the search then you should go for a venue that fit into your wedding theme, budget and have the capacity you need. There are certain banquets in Chattarpur that offer multiple options, therefore you can go for something on similar grounds. 

After shortlisting the venues, you should try to get the answers to all the questions you penned down before finalising the wedding venue. If you are still wondering what questions you should ask then here is a list of all the possible questions that you must ask the probable wedding venue before finalising it. 

Start with, Availability and Venue Capacity

These are the conversation starters! You have to start with questions related to availability… 

  • Is the venue available for your specific wedding date?
  • If not, then is it available on any other saaya dates in the same month? 
  • How many hours are included in the rental amount? 
  • How early advance needs to be paid to reserve the venue? 

Then the other most important thing is the venue’s capacity…

  • What’s the guest capacity of the venue?
  • Do you allow smaller guest sizes for an intimate wedding?
  • What kind of spaces do they offer? Is it closed space or open lawns?
  • Will they be hosting multiple functions on your date?
  • How many rooms can they provide? How much do they charge for the room?
  • If there are no rooms available at their property then is there any other option available nearby?
  • How many spaces can they offer for a destination wedding?
  • Do they allow pets? If yes, are they allowed in the rooms?

Then comes, Pricing & Payment Policies

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while finalising the venue is the pricing, of course! You have to see if the selected venue fits your budget or not and if it does then what are the payment policies followed by the venue team? 

Here’s a list of all the right questions you should ask…

  • How do they charge for the venue? Do they charge rental or as per plate?
  • What does their whole package include? 
  • How much is the booking amount?
  • Do they charge differently for saya or weekend dates?
  • Do you have a payment schedule for before and after payments? 

You also need to ask about the payment policies…

  • What is the cancellation policy? 
  • What is the last date when they are open to accepting any change requests in the Booking Wedding Venue?

Some Questions Regarding the Vendors

It is always wise to ask for vendor recommendations from the venue team as they deal with them on the daily basis. They will help you find trusted wedding vendors and it will also help them to have good coordination with the vendors.

Here’s what to ask while asking about the vendors… 

  • What kind of vendors can they provide such as the caterer, decorator or a DJ? 
  • Is it mandatory to book the same vendors that are on the panel with them? 
  • Do they allow outside vendors?
  • Do they have a list of trusted vendors?
  • Are there any noise restrictions/ fixed timelines that your vendors need to follow at the venue?
  • Does the venue have its sound equipment and speakers?

Don’t forget the logistics! 

Certain venues offer guest accommodation whereas venues like banquet halls do not so you need to be clear about that too. Other important factors that play important roles like parking facilities, valet and guest pick and drop also affect your wedding planning. 

So ask these questions for clarity…

  • What are their policies for room management as well as guest count?
  • Is their venue handicap accessible? 
  • Does the venue has washrooms accessible for differently-abled?
  • What are the parking facilities as well as the capacity at the venue? 
  • Is there any backup plan if you are going for an outdoor wedding and the weather takes an unpredictable turn?
  • Does the package include access to additional generator sets, coolers, heaters etc and if not then what would be the extra costs?

Questions regarding Food & Beverages

Usually, venues like hotels, banquet halls and laws have their catering services. If you are also planning to book the venue’s in house caterers, here’s everything you need to ask – 

  • What’s the total package including venue space and catering charges? 
  • Are outside caterers allowed? 
  • Is there any minimum or maximum limit for food and beverage orders? 
  • Is alcohol allowed at your venue? If yes, can it be arranged by them with a licence or do you have to do it on your own?
  • If alcohol is allowed, is bar arrangement provided? 

Lastly, Important Queries Regarding Venue Management on the D-day

After finalising you have to understand their working on D-Day!  For that, you should ask the below-mentioned questions… 

  • Will they provide one venue coordinator/ Point of Contact (POC) for all the wedding queries and conversations?
  • Can you attend any of the live funstion to see how the overall arrangement looks?

Your venue is the most important part of the planning and at the same time really expensive too. So choose wisely and try to get all the answers to the above-mentioned questions. Booking Wedding Venue

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