Your Guide to Finding Temporary Accommodation in Canada

Apart from getting a temporary work permit in Canada, you need to tackle various challenges. These include post-landing arrangements, cabs, etc. But one thing that most individuals have trouble with is accommodation.  

Before landing in Canada, it is essential to have a place lined up to stay for the first few days. There are plenty of hotels and hostels in urban areas. However, you may wish to reserve them well in advance to ensure the most comprehensive temporary accommodation options available to you in Canada. You can also consult the best Canada PR immigration consultancies in India for accommodation and post-landing services. These professionals will also offer recommendations on how to turn such a temporary work permit in Canada into permanent residency.  

While booking a hotel or hostel, you can do it directly on their website or an application and determine the availability. However, you should check and authenticate the place on the internet. You must find out if the area is legit or not by following the ratings and reviews posted by the last travellers or boarders who have previously stayed there and availed of their services. Most importantly, you must know and be cautioned about the surrounding neighborhood, hygiene, and safety.

Points to Remember While Renting an Accommodation: 


It is a highly significant factor. All conveniences and offers on all sites are based on your financial capacity. While expediency costs will undoubtedly include a large part of your expenses, you can usually track down something to match each expenditure plan considering that you know where to find it. 

Several individuals trust verbal trade or are aware of two or three renowned destinations for booking ease, limiting their choices. Doing exhaustive research on various sites will help you have options that are accessible for you. It will also help you understand expenses before booking, subsequently assuring you of a decent deal. 

Be aware of all your contacts: 

Being new to Canada, you might require to finish particular landing practices like getting a usual place distinguishing proof card, driving authorization, commonplace safety, a school for your children, having a telephone plan, among others. These will require you to provide your current location and, in addition, a list of earlier addresses where you stayed. As a result, it is wise to monitor them.

Location and neighborhood: 

In Canada, getting accommodation away from the downtown area is usually less costly, more reasonable, and suits your budget. Most workplaces are in the downtown area or nearer to it. So, check if you can stay in the downtown area or nearer depending on your workplace and budget. After all, the downtown area offers you good transportation, administration, and other conveniences. 

With a temporary worker visa Canada, specific issues of budget and conveniences must be kept in mind. However, many Canadian PR consultancy firms will properly guide you.

So, This was all about Temporary Accommodation in Canada. I hope you may have understood. and everything will be clear in your mind. Thank you for reading.

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