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Key Components, Advantages, and Future of SAP FI


SAP FI is a component of SAP FICO which also stands for Financial Accounting.  With SAP Financial Accounting you can remove the required details for external reporting. With the help of this Financial Managers and other Managers can review the financial position of the company in real-time. It is compared to provision systems which often require overnight updates. Financial statements can be developed and headed for management review. There are many institutes for SAP FI Training in Noida that helps you to gain more knowledge about this particular training course. It has some sub-component have a look at it.

Components of FI (Financial Accounting)

Account Payable (FI-PA)

Account Payable is a sub-component and grabs all trades related to vendors. Revenue programs within SAP allow the payment of payable records by check, EDI, or transfers. Some of the accounts payable tables are LFA1, LFBK, and LFM2.

Accounts Receivables (FI-AR)

Account receivable is a sub-component that catches all the dealings with the customer. The Accounts Receivable also combines with the General ledger, Sales and Distribution, and Cash Management.

Asset Accounting (FI-AA)

Asset accounting collects all the trades related to assets. It allows you to gather all the dealings related to assets. It acts as a subsidiary ledger to the general ledger which delivers detailed information on transactions applying fixed assets.

Bank Accounting (FI-BL)

It authorizes the management of bank transactions in the system including cash management. Bank accounting is also accountable for developing and processing incoming and outgoing expenses.

Funds Management (FI-FM)

It allows you to manage budgets for payments and costs within your firm as well as track these to the place of commitment. The fund management objective is to budget all incomes and expenses for a personal organization. It also helps an organization to develop budget forecasting and to use the fund properly.

General Ledger (FI-GL)

These postings in real-time provide up-to-date visibility of the financial accounts. General ledger accounting transaction has journal vouchers to change the transaction.

Travel Management (FI-TV)

It delivers management of all travel actions including booking trips and handling of expenditures associated with the trip.

Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL)

Special Purpose Ledger is also defining ledger for reporting purposes. The special-purpose ledger shares the values from other SAP applications and external procedures. This function allows to gather and combine reports, create and modify totals and distribute actual plans.

Advantages of SAP FI:

FI supplies one of the most extensive worldwide financial management solutions available today. By using it, an association can enhance corporate performance. It allows for better clarity across units or departments and enhances corporate management. It also automates credit and collections control and any disputes.

This also offers the era of statements and invoices as well as payments electronically, which improves the standard accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. This has a better ability to manage cash across countries, locations or continents. Apart from this, it also permits you to write, assess, and give cash in real-time and put-up in-house expense centers or banks.

It also provides the report performance according to the organization, cost center, or business unit, and also better the combination of finance and treasury processes. One can also merge gamble and treasury processes with those of accounting and financial reporting.

Future of SAP FI:

SAP FI Training Certification gives people a remarkable buffer in their profession and opens up many opportunities. Just before diplomas, nobody even bothered to talk roughly about them, but as soon as they are licensed, their marketability has grown tremendously. Everybody talks about their spectacular success.

People still acknowledge that one such chance will divert their future. They can use that opportunity to their benefit in their professional career, by working further hard to achieve their professional goals. They also acknowledge that the SAP Training Certification can give them a number of opportunities, which could be one of the intending logics to go mad for SAP FI Certification.


In Brief, AI is one of the best learning modules. Anyone with an accounting background can join this course because it has huge job opportunities in the accounting field in every industry. There are many institutes for SAP FI Training in Gurgaon that are running from where you can get complete knowledge about this particular training course.

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