Let’s Make Custom Pillow Boxes Look Prominent on the Shelves

Pillow boxes are the most elegant shape boxes. The history of pillow shape dates back to ancient times. In today’s era, you can look for new innovative ideas to make your boxes look unique on the shelves. Further, you can add various features to enhance the custom pillow boxes.

For diverse products, you can nicely add the components to enhance your boxes. You can amazingly attract customers by adding attractive features.

The following are some enticing ideas which you can adopt to make your pillow boxes prominent.

Pillow boxes for candies

If you are doing business of manufacturing candies you can place them in pillow shape boxes to attract potential customers which are usually children.

For instance,  you can nicely decorate the boxes by creating a combination of graphics and captions. You can create the background of the pillow box in black and white abstract zigzag print then a nice black card tag on it. On the card, you can write a caption such as ”boo to you”. With such attractive packaging, your customers will surely not miss buying your candies.

Pillow boxes for Christmas

As Christmas is the most celebrated occasion all over the world so a lot of presents are exchanged among a large number of population.

By keeping the situation in mind as a brand you can also come up with innovative Christmas pillow boxes. How you can do this? You can do this with the help of 3d artwork if you are not aware of this artwork just hire a good packaging company.

For instance, you can create a 3d Santa clause or a Christmas tree on the box to catch the limelight.

Pillow Boxes for Utensils

You can also place various utensils within the pillow shape box. Your manufactured spoons and forks will look awesome within the pillow shape box.

For example, you can add the nice frame carrying caption on the utensil box and can add a nice bow at the middle of the custom pillow box. Moreover, you can also add the shape of the fruits and vegetables on the boxes.

Pillow Boxes for Halloween

How can you forget about the Halloween lollipops? The lollipops are liked by the children and elders both. You can nicely encase your tasty lollipops in the pillow box packaging.

Select the orange as the base color of the box and add the pumpkin illustration of Halloween day on it in black color. You can also add a nice circular frame for the caption. For instance, you can add a caption such as “Have a wicked Halloween”. However, the captions like this will surely attract customers to your lollipops.

Pillow Apparel Boxes

The pillow boxes are mostly utilized as gift boxes. You can elegantly add the artistic features on the apparel boxes to make them look unique.

Go for adding the feature of a tie in 3d form within the center of the box and background color in an italic line pattern. However, this pattern will make your boxes look awesome as gift boxes. 

Pillow Boxes for Chocolates

You can display your chocolates in the most attractive way within the pillow boxes. Go for adding the PVC window display within the chocolate window pillow packaging.

Further, to create a luxurious feel you can add the caption on the pillow box in the gold foil feature. However, the gold foiling looks awesome.

You can also work hard on adding colorful imprints. For instance, select a silver color for the arc opening and closing of the pillow box and brown color on the front and backside of the pillow box.

Summarily, you can design custom pillow boxes to encase your various goods and can enhance your sales chart.

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