Nursing Can Be A Profitable Career In New Zealand – Read How

Every profession has its advantages, due to which people pursue it as their career. Nursing is one of the most noteworthy professions having a great significance in the healthcare sector. A doctor or a surgeon cannot perform a successful operation without nurses’ assistance.

Nurses play a crucial role in the recovery of patients. Medicine cannot treat a patient alone without being accompanied by nurses’ selfless services and comforting efforts. In New Zealand, people are passionate about becoming a part of the nursing community (Jameison et al., 2020). This post will discuss the scope of nursing in the country and explore how it can be a profitable profession for individuals.

Scope of Nursing in New Zealand

Nursing is one of the most demanding professions in New Zealand. Students get enrolled in nursing degrees and practice as nurses side by side to serve humanity and gain experience. Many students even ask professionals to do my assignment help to them get good grades and shine in the nursing career.

Further, they make great efforts to get registered as qualified nurses to avail the perks of this profession. Moreover, due to the Covid pandemic, the scope of nursing has increased to a greater extent worldwide. Currently, there are 58,000+ registered nurses in New Zealand. This profession is not gender-restricted; female and male nurses get equal benefits.

How Nursing is a Profitable Profession in New Zealand?

Nursing is profitable both as a source of earning and figurative. There is a lot of gain in this profession regarding personal and professional development. Also, it has several other perks and benefits. Following are the significant reasons why nursing is considered a beneficial and profitable profession in New Zealand.

Competitive Salaries

Qualified and registered nurses in New Zealand get high salaries in the public and private sectors. According to research, the average salary of a fresh nurse in the country is around NZ $66,000/year, while a senior nurse gets NZ $80,000 to $100,000+ per year. This is a massive amount for a typical individual, and that is why thousands of people have fewer resources to pursue this profession.

Job Security

Nurses have complete job security in New Zealand. Registered nurses cannot be fired or replaced easily without a legal reason. They keep doing their jobs for years and get handsome bonuses and allowances without being bothered by the heads and authorities. Nursing is one of the most peaceful professions in terms of job security.

Flexible Job Hours

The nursing profession offers you flexible working hours, which means nurses in New Zealand are not bound to perform a full-time job. They can do a part-time job as well, in this profession. Further, they are paid extra if they do overtime and holidays duties.

Wider Work Opportunity

Due to a massive demand for nurses in New Zealand, there are several work opportunities for professionals in this field. Further, job opportunities for nurses are not limited to the hospitals, but they can also work privately; many people hire private nurses for bed rest patients.

Moreover, those who have a degree in nursing and possess good writing skills can work as nursing assignment help providers to the students of the field. In this way, they can serve both as life saviors and academic saviors.

Peaceful Work Environment

Nurses get a learning work environment in the hospitals (Hayes et al., 2015). They have to face no hassle, no competition but a friendly relationship with the doctors, fellow nurses, and the patients. They can perform their duties with complete peace of mind that enhances their potential and enables them to work more passionately.

Fringe Benefits

The nursing profession has several fringe benefits in New Zealand that include:

➔     Life and Health Insurance

Government hospitals’ nurses get health and life insurance, while the private sector also provides comprehensive health insurance to the nurses and their families.

➔     Free Medical Facilities

Accessible medical facilities are given to private and public sector nurses in New Zealand. They are not even charged for OPD. Their children and spouses also get vaccinations and other healthcare benefits free of cost.

➔     Paid Vacation Plans

Leaves allowed once or twice a year. They also enjoy annual trips with their team members according to the hospital plan.

➔     Pension

After-retirement allowances and pensions are the additional benefits of the nursing profession. The nurse will be eligible for the full pension, if you give services for 25 years in the government sector.. However, if a nurse has completed ten years of service and then becomes unfit for the job due to any genuine reason, they would get 60% of their total pension.

Honorable Profession

After Teachers Nurses are the most respectful profession. It is due to their sincere services for the well-being of humanity. The way they treat the patients with humbleness and kindness, they get equal payback in honor and respect. This is one of the figurative profits of the nursing profession.

A Trusted Community

Nursing is one of the most trusted professions worldwide (Kaminski, 2016). Doctors and patients both know that they can rely on their nurses. They believe in their efforts and selfless service. This profit is difficult to attain in other professions.

Complete Job Satisfaction

Due to all the above-discussed perks and benefits of nursing in New Zealand, job satisfaction is apparent. According to a report, 98% of nurses are fully-satisfied with their jobs, including Nurse-Midwives (NMs), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs), Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetists (CRNAs), while Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) showed 94% and 96% job satisfaction.

Career Growth

This profession has a lot of career development potential. With the increase in experience, nurses get promotions and increments. Further, their experience adds to their expertise, and they serve as instructors for the junior nurses and even junior doctors.

Final Statement

This is a detailed discussion about the facts and figures of how and why nursing is a profitable profession in New Zealand. It would help the interested individuals decide whether the nursing profession is suitable for them. However, they must also consider the excessive work burden and stress factor before choosing this profession.


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