Quit Smoking! It is Going to Kill You Eventually

When you have the urge to smoke, no matter how strong it is, remember that it will probably go away within 5 to 10 minutes, whether you smoke or chew. When you can make that urge stop, you will know that you can easily quit smoking. The warning of getting cancer from smoking is written on all the cartridge packaging and custom cigarette packaging boxes. Even the custom box packaging will have the same warning label on it.

Smoking does not only affect you physically but mentally as well. The nicotine in cigarettes gives you a temporary addictive orgasm. Physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings occur when regular nicotine intake is cut off. Because of nicotine’s feel-good effects on the brain, smoking can act as a simple and reliable mood altered, stress reliever, and relaxant. With smoking, you get many neurological problems. Boredom, amnesia, and anxiety are the most common ones. Quitting smoking means finding a healthier way to deal with these feelings. Smoking is also an ingrained part of our daily rituals. Many people think that without smoking they cannot survive. However, it is just a state of mind that you need to change. Or maybe a friend, family member, or co-worker smokes. And it is one of the ways you relate to them.

Where can I stop smoking?

Smoking any tobacco contains an amount of nicotine in it. This nicotine is addictive and will make you feel vulnerable to it. Due to this addiction, people become more vulnerable and think without a proper amount of nicotine they cannot function. It means it raises the heart rate in the first place, making the person more alert. It then leads to depression and fatigue. Depression, fatigue, and nicotine withdrawal can make people want to smoke again to get back to normal life. According to some studies, it is as addictive as heroin or meth is.

How to stop smoking

Gradually decrease

This approach involves gradually reducing the amount of smoking until it stops completely. It is not as effective as quitting smoking right away but a good start if you are not ready to quit smoking now.

You can cut expenses by

  • Gradually increase the interval between smoking.
  • Reduce the smoking amount to half each day.

It is a good idea to set a date to quit smoking completely and work toward it. It is because even light smoking can carry serious health risks, including cancer. You can get an idea of how you can beat this addiction.

Use other things instead of nicotine.

It can be achieved by a nicotine replacement therapy that helps you reduce any smoking cravings that you should have. When used properly, nicotine replacement therapy can play an important role in your success in quitting smoking. You can get all of these from a local pharmacy because they are easily available.

  • Quit Smoking Patch
  • Chewing gum
  • Oral spray
  • Inhaler
  • Throat lozenges or pills

Avoid triggers that allure you to smoke.

The craving for cigarettes may be stronger in situations where cigarettes or gum are usually smoked, such as at parties or bars, when you are stressed or have had a cup of coffee. Identify your triggers and avoid them entirely, or create a plan to get through the stress without using tobacco. Try to stay away from situations that could cause you to relapse. For example, if you always smoke while talking on the phone, grab a pen and paper nearby and spend time doodling without smoking.

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Delay time

If you feel like you’re about to give in to your cigarette craving, tell yourself you will wait another 10 minutes and do something to distract you in the meantime. Try to go to a public, non-smoking area.


Chewing a piece of gum can do wonders for you if you want to quit smoking. It will withhold your body if it is craving any nicotine. Instead of chewing gum, you can even use

  • Raw carrots
  • Nuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Celery
  • And more.

Do not have just one.

Even a single cigarette can disturb your routine if you try to quit it. So, it is up to you that you want to quit or smoke. Smoking just one cigarette often leads to the next one, and you can start using tobacco again.

Try to make your body more physical.

Make a routine that will help you become more physical. You can even join a gym to cut off nicotine in your life. It helps you reduce anxiety and an urge to smoke.


These are some of the most common and effective ways that can help you quit smoking. All those habits that affect your health badly are not worth existing. You should put your health above all. Everything is possible if a human being has made up his mind about it. So, it is now up to you which method you will prefer to quit smoking or do you want to die young.

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